So, I’m not exactly what I would call a kind person. It’s something with which I have struggled for some time. A big part of it is that I just don’t think before I speak sometimes. My goal this year is to become a kind person. So, my word for 2008? Kindness. In honor of that, I made this little canvas to hang on my wall, with Hannah’s help. It’s still a work in progress, but so am I, so I felt like it would be okay to post a picture of it right now.

It’s kind of symbolic in a way. As the year goes on, I hope to evolve into a kinder person, just like I hope my little canvas evolves into just a little more.

Thanks, Hannah, for being such a great example of kindness!

ETA: How funny. I just noticed that my canvas goes perfectly with my blog. Huh. Apparently I’m totally into these colors right now.

6 thoughts on “kindness

  1. You’ve always been kind to me! I think kindness comes in different ways for different people. I do think this world could use A LOT more “kindness”.

  2. I love your creation! What a great reminder it will make. I bet it was fun to craft something with a friend too.Cute,cute.

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