cult of personality

So, I don’t talk about my job very much, but one of the benefits of working where I work is that I am surrounded by psychologists. Okay, maybe that’s both a cost and a benefit. Anyway, about two weeks ago, I decided to take this personality test. I’m not sure why I decided to do it, but I did. The key to this test, if you are going to do it properly, is to take it and have a professional go through the results with you…which is what I did.

The test gives you results in four different areas, each represented as a letter.

  1. Extroversion vs. Introversion
  2. Sensing vs. iNtuition
  3. Thinking vs. Feeling
  4. Judging vs. Perceiving

I am an ENTJ.

Frank, decisive, leaders in activities. Develop and implement comprehensive systems to solve organization problems. Good in anything that requires reasoning and intelligent talk, such as public speaking. Are usually well informed and enjoy adding to their fund of knowledge.

Well, don’t I sound fabulous?

In case you were wondering, the description for any of the sixteen types is very positive. No type is better or worse than the others, just different. What this really did for me was to solidify what I already basically knew about myself. And it really helped me to see why I interact with certain people the way I do, why I just don’t “get” some of the people out there, and why I am pretty much over my job and can’t wait to be done.

Some adjectives to describe me (this is fun and less positive):

  • challenging
  • controlled
  • critical
  • decisive
  • fair
  • logical
  • objective
  • planful
  • straightforward
  • strategic
  • theoretical
  • tough

My favorite part of the analysis? Suggestions for development:

  • May need to factor in the human element and appreciate others’ contribution. Translation: I’m self-centered and insensitive.
  • May need to check the practical , personal, and situational resources available before plunging ahead. Translation: My desire to move forward often outweighs my logic.
  • May need to take time to reflect and consider all sides before deciding. Translation: I’m impatient and rash, same as above.
  • May need to learn to identify and value feelings. Translation: I’m a b@#!*.

Don’t you want to be my friend?

Truthfully, I like who I am, in general. And, just as you would expect from someone self-centered, I think the way I am is a great way to be (except for when it comes to dating, where this particular type makes me a little bit of a crazy person, but that’s an entire post of its own).

I’m still learning a lot about how my personality interacts with others’ (the counselor who interpreted my results loaned me a great book), but so far I feel like it has helped me understand a lot about my interactions with others and the motivation behind why I do what I do.

And, in case you wanted to know, I highly recommend the test, if you ever have the opportunity to take it. You can click here for a basic overview of the test and types, if you’re curious. Can you guess what your type is?

14 thoughts on “cult of personality

  1. I’m an INTP who used to be an INTJ. Somewhere along the line some things have changed. I’m guessing it is simply age and that some of the things I used to find important just aren’t so important anymore (at least that is my take on the change). I bet my P and my J aren’t very far apart though!

  2. Oh, now you make me want to search all my junk and find where my test results are. I know I took this about 10 years ago.

  3. Lucky me, being a psych (well, ed psych) major I have taken the myers briggs numerous times. I’m ISTJ which makes me sound horribly boring.

  4. K, so Chloe, this is one of my favorite posts from you in a while! So funny because it’s so brutally honest (not that any of your posts lack brutal honesty 🙂 Anyway, so glad you finally took the test. I’m ENFP, same as good ol’ Kerry upstairs at work. Yah, not so sure if that’s a plus or minus, but it is what it is I guess!

  5. Which is why an MBA is a good plan for me, Lori. If I can’t find someone to take care of me (he he he) then I suppose I better take care of myself. And since I like being in charge, I might as well make money for it, right? Julia, you can be whatever you want. It’s not about the box, just perspective. I feel like I’m more F in certain situations, but not professional ones at all.

  6. I’m an ENTJ too! The book I was reading said that basically our personality type (in women) makes it difficult to find a mate. Great. Like I needed one more thing working against me.

  7. You are not a b@%&*!! You are a lovely young woman who knows what she wants. Truth be told though, it would say I am a B too!

  8. I love personality test. I believe I am INFP. I’ve wanted to take it again and/or read a book about it because I don’t recall the definition though I do remember it feeling accurate at the time.Where can I take the test?

  9. it’s so amazing that a few questions can tell so much. i took the color test when i was in fourth grade and came out a red. i also like to hope that there is wiggle room in those personality tests … 🙂 there are days i feel completely extroverted, but others introverted. don’t want to feel like i’m in a box or something. does that make sense?

  10. i still remember mine from AP psych in high school… i’m an INFJ. although maybe i’ve turned more into a P? might have to take it again.

  11. My employer lives by Meyers-Briggs. It is a requirement to go to this class and take the test. At first I was not too excited because I know myself pretty well.However, I learned so much and the results were right on. In one area I exactly a 50/50 split, which is kinda unusual. I am an ESFJ. (50/50 with E and I)

  12. I am an ENTP and remember feeling like it confirmed what I thought it would about myself. Although sometimes I feel more judgmental than perceptive- but still, it felt pretty accurate. I love your translations…:)

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