at this moment

It’s 2:30 am on Sunday.

My car is stuck in front of Sarah’s house in the snow and ice.

I hate Utah.

ETA: After church, my dad and I went and got it out. And by we, I mean he dug and I sat in the car with the heater running…I offered to shovel, but in true chivalrous form, he declined my offer. Or maybe he just knew he could do it faster and he only brought one shovel.

7 thoughts on “at this moment

  1. I only recently found you, through Lucy’s blog awards and when my first award experience came in, I decided who better to bestow one on than you. So you have been given the Classy Blog Award on my blog at Keep giving us the “Dear You’s” Too brilliant! Too creative! Too dead-on!

  2. i’m with your friend cherity… move someplace warmer where there’s no snow! [and congrats on getting into V! that’s awesome :)]

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