get yourself to the butterfly lounge

In case you were curious about what I’m doing tonight. Sarah and I are seeing this guy in concert because, well he’s amazing. Also, what would February be without a concert, or two? Crappy, that’s what.

And because I love my readers, here are a few of my faves!

My theme song: Big Girl (You Are Beautiful).

The ever so popular Grace Kelly.

A family fave (and by ‘family’ I really mean my friends, and really I mean Candice’s cute little boy): Lollipop.

And my personal favorite: Happy Ending.

ETA – KP’s favorite: Love Today.

For more Mika, go buy the album…support the artist!

6 thoughts on “get yourself to the butterfly lounge

  1. My kids love Lollipop- they make me play it over and over and over again. I had to ban it for a while. I have to admit it is very catchy though. I also love Grace Kelly. Good music to dance. Sounds like a good time.

  2. totally already have their album!! the lollipop song is my favorite ………. “hey!!!! what’s the big idea!?!?” such a fun song. have fun, chloe!

  3. How fun! I have all of those, except for Happy Ending (will investigate) on my iPOD. His songs just pick up my feet a bit.Diet Coke and a pizza please…

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