a little mika love

The Mika concert was amazing. After spending over TWO HOURS in line in the freezing cold, we discovered that the reason the doors opened at 8 pm, rather than the 6 o’clock time we had been told, was that Mika’s instruments and costumes were not in Salt Lake, but somewhere on the road. Happily, Mika decided to play the show anyway, despite his insurance company’s recommendation to cancel and it was the MOST AMAZINGLY, INCREDIBLY FUN concert I have ever been to. The video above is the Grace Kelly (I started filming a little into the song) and at the end is Mika’s fabulous welcome (oh, and he’s British and a musician, so he swears).

I got a few songs on video. The best song, without a doubt, was Lollipop (a song I didn’t get on video). He went right into it from another song (a song whose tempo is quite a bit faster than Lollipop’s) and he was all about audience participation. Sadly, he didn’t play Big Girl (You Are Beautiful), but other than that, I can honestly say that I have never been so pleasantly surprised in my life.

Before he came out to play, Sarah said, “This better be an amazing show after standing in line for two hours just to get in the door.” Neither one of us was disappointed at all. And, due to the delay and lack of the “real show”, we were all refunded $10, making it that much better. Hopefully Sarah will mention all of the zoobies that were in line with us. All I can say is that if you haven’t experienced life in Utah, you just can’t know what you are missing.

8 thoughts on “a little mika love

  1. i always joke that i wish concerts started early (therefore ended early) with no opening act (ending even earlier), always with reserved seating, and maybe with the volume down a little?!?! am i getting old or what!glad you had fun despite the troubles.

  2. I have heard from a few people how cool is was…the video was awesome. I think it is so great that they chose to play despite what their insurance company recommended- that is a true musician!

  3. I liked “Grace Kelly” from the moment I heard it months ago…he sounds very much like Freddie Mercury….is that the case with his other work ?

  4. My sister really wanted to go to this show and then didn’t because I had bailed out on her. I wish I had gone. I love his album and it sounded like a fun concert.

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