five freaking miles


You would think after running 26.2, five would be no big deal. Well, I assure you, it was. I am so behind on my training schedule for the Canyonlands Half Marathon, but last night I finally got in a solid five mile run. It felt really good (especially the part when I stopped after every mile to restart the treadmill, thereby fooling onlookers into thinking I had only been on it for 10 minutes, rather than 45…the joys of an overcrowded gym and their “rules”).

It felt so good to run. I took it pretty slow, but I didn’t walk. That was my goal. Then I came home and did my Turbo Sculpt video (half of it…I’m trying to not get obsessive) and then a little Street Fusion – Street Jazz and Hip Hop just for fun.

What is Street Fusion, you ask? It’s my latest DVD purchase. I have been wanting to take a hip hop class for a while, but my schedule just doesn’t allow it, so I decided to buy a video. Tonight was the first go (videos are always risky) and I LOVED it! It wasn’t too remedial and it is all about choreography, which is totally my way of dancing. It took me back to my days of cheerleading in high school. Yes, it’s true. I know I’ve posted pictures before, but I’m going to do it again (notice the remnants of toilet paper in the tree behind me…the joys of high school). ETA: I have no idea what happened to the picture…I’ll add it again later.

And now, because it’s me, I need to leave you with my “deep” gym thoughts:

  1. I have to admit that there is something enjoyable about checking guys out at the gym. I know most of us women love to complain about how the gym can be such a meat-market, but hey, if they’re going to put it out there, I’m going to look. Too honest? Perhaps, but I’m not attached to anyone so I feel free to look. I’m not lusting or anything, just enjoying the scenery.
  2. While I enjoy checking out guys (and trust me, there are lots of different things to admire) I realized that I often create stories in my head about them, and generally, the better looking they are (in the classic, Hollywood sense) the bigger jerks they are in the stories I create. Hmm, maybe I need therapy to deal with my issues?
  3. I also check out the girls (you know, in a “why the hell are you at the freaking gym when you are so freaking skinny?” kind of way) and what I realized tonight is that I just have to let go. Some people are genetically blessed. Some people don’t have food addictions or a general aversion to exercise (every day is a battle, I swear). And when those thoughts failed to convince me that I should not hate these women, I just started thinking about how most of them probably have OCD, and that made me feel better.

14 thoughts on “five freaking miles

  1. I enjoyed your gym thoughts so much, maybe that fills in for NOT going today. Ha!Congrats on your 5 miles. I have not run 5 consecutive miles since the marathon. I hope I have strong muscle memory.

  2. we have struggled so much being in utah for the last few days and NOT running. i miss it. i can’t imagine how you utahns do it in the winter – but it sounds like the gym is offering a few good distractions! 😉

  3. I’m glad everyone has been enjoying my use of “hell”!And Robyn, I actually don’t hate all of them (or any of them)…I just wish that I could my eating or exercising in line enough to be them. It’s envious dislike. Ha ha ha! And your comments did not upset me in the least.Housewife, Turbo Sculpt is AWESOME (she’s a little annoying, but the fact that can tone without thinking about it is worth the annoyance).Megan, we will be those girls and we will do it together because I think I’m moving to Nashville.Beth…24 hours in my head? It has taken me 30 years to get used to what goes on in my head. I think you might want to start with just an hour or two. Seriously.

  4. That picture is so funny , I love it. It reminds me of the old cheerleading photos that Jill has posted. Good times.I think the gym thing is hilarious. I love watching those guys who don’t ever TOUCH a weight, but just keep walking around checking people out and talking to their buddies. They don’t even break a sweat. I want to say, “Why are you here?!”But in defense of those skinny girls, I have to say maybe they are at the gym b/c they DO have issues with eating and going to the gym every day is the only reason they are thin. They may not have good genes and totally have to work to stay that weight. I hope I don’t offend you by pointing this out. Just a thought. (Or you can go on hating them and making up the stories in your head- up to you)Congrats on getting into Nashville and the great scholarship. That’s great for you.

  5. i am totally in the same training situation for canyonlands- only i don’t think i am up for a video workout post 5 miles! i’m a people checker-outer at the gym, too- only i start feeling deep resentment towards some of them- esp. this one girl- on the elliptical machine- she’s there all day. i pity and envy her at the same time- that must be pathological on my part.anyway, thank you for using hell today. i realized i like that word for some reason and i have been looking for an excuse to use it- this was the perfect place. thank you. 🙂

  6. p.s. and love that you wrote hell. I am always too hesitant, but sometimes you can only say things certain ways for the emotion to be understood!

  7. I am dying laughing. Oh, to be in your head for 24 hrs! And, I think I am going to get one of your videos. I am always looking for a good one for those crazy days when the first time I have 5 seconds is 9pm, so you couldn’t pay me to get up and actually leave the house. I never want to buy one for the exact reason you said. . . you never know what it really holds!

  8. Sounds cool. The Street Fusion DVD sounds fun. I, too am always looking for a cool dance workout video. A lot of them either don’t give me a good workout after I’ve figured out the steps or they are so difficult that I spend half of my time with the DVD in slow motion trying to figure them out. Do you have any other favorite workout DVDs?

  9. The Street Fusion DVD sounds fun. I love things like that because it make exercise kind of fun. I have owned a DVD produced by Britney Spears and N’SYNC’s choreographer (pretty lame) and a Bellydancing Workout DVD that hurt my neck (I sold it on Ebay), so I am always looking for a good dance/workout DVD.Of course, I am always so embarrassed that I have to close the blinds and do it when no one is home.

  10. You crack me up!I have to admit I TOTALLY check out the guys at the gym. I mean… I’d be stupid not to, right? It’s not that I think I’m gonna hook up with one of them. I just like the view. Most of the reason I go to the gym is to people watch anyway. So entertaining.And I’ve got to check out those videos! They sound like tons of fun!

  11. Your gym thoughts are great- I totally agree that if guys are putting it out there, then why not? As for the skinnies, I too have had to come to the realization that life just isn’t fair, but I am going to stop letting myself fail because it isn’t fair.And running 5 miles, then coming home to do more seriously awesome!

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