when it rains…in a good way

So, I just wanted to share how blessed I feel. Yesterday, as I shared, I got accepted to an MBA program in Nashville, which in and of itself made the day great.

Then, I had a voicemail from the admissions counselor with whom I interviewed. She said there were some things she needed to discuss with me that weren’t in the letter. I called her back immediately because I was pretty dang excited. It turns out not only did I get accepted, they have offered me a great scholarship.

And at 7:06 pm, the newest member of my family was born, happy and healthy. I’m not going to say more on that right now because the parents have yet to post about their newest addition and I don’t want to steal their thunder. But look for some cute pictures to come!

These are the times when all of the crappy, hard things I’ve gone through in my life seem so minor compared to how blessed I am. I seriously don’t feel like I deserve so much (not that the baby is my blessing, per se)…but I’m going to take it.

13 thoughts on “when it rains…in a good way

  1. Congratulations on your scholarship, but more importantly our adorable little niece! Did they name her after you? It’s such a cute name. And I’ll be sure to kiss her for you!

  2. Congrats! I don’t suppose you applied at Tulane? We could use good members down here. Apparently we needed an Apostle for Stake Conference 😉

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