take it and run thursday – motivation

Motivation is this weeks topic over on the Runners’ Lounge blog. So, what motivates me to run?

Of course there are the things that I think motivate most people, the desire to be in shape, the need to exercise, the camaraderie of running. But for me it is really all about the show. What do I mean by “the show”? I mean that I like being able to tell people that I have run a marathon. I like that, at one point in time, I ran five miles a day. I like that my calves get uber toned and look great in skirts. My motivation for doing many things is the desire to be a person who would do those things. I don’t know that I am especially adventurous by nature, but I want to be an adventurous person, so I do things that make me that way. I’m definitely not a natural runner, but I want to be a runner, so I run. Now, when I say this, it’s not that I go around talking about running all the time. I don’t. I just like knowing that I could talk about it, should the opportunity present itself.

That is the Big Motivation. And now the daily motivations:

  1. Running off whatever treat I couldn’t seem to resist.
  2. The amazing sense of accomplishment that comes at the end of a good run.
  3. It’s my outlet. In fact, my favorite runs (besides my 10 mile+ runs) are angry runs. I love running off my emotions. Best fuel ever! Unfortunately, I’m not really an angry person, so these don’t happen often.
  4. Getting to see the little improvements that seem to manifest themselves daily. A faster mile split, lower heart rate, longer endurance, etc.
  5. The muscle definition in my quads. This one is just for me since I’m not in the habit of wearing clothing that shows off my quads, but I love it!
  6. My running music. I know this might sound weird, but for some reason there are certain songs that I can only listen to while running. Maybe I feel too old to listen to them otherwise. I don’t really know.
  7. Watching the miles on my sidebar add up.
  8. The prospect of my next race…which is why I always have one scheduled.
  9. Other runners.
  10. Running blogs – I love reading about others’ running experiences.

What kills my motivation?

  1. Anything that sounds more enjoyable than running, which most days could be watching the wind blow, but is more often sleeping (the big run killer) or other time commitments. But, to get through that, I just plan. Like tonight, my day won’t end until 10:30 pm, but I’ll be heading to the gym to get a good run in since I won’t be running at all this weekend.

Wow, I sure am inspirational. You all know my secret, now. I don’t actually like running. But I like knowing that I run, so even though every mile (with the rare exception) is a bit painful, there are moments when I do enjoy it because I think, “I am a runner.”

So, for those of you who think you could never be a runner because you hate running, think again. You can totally do it. I think a few of my running friends would agree with me. (See, that was motivational, right?)

ETA: I forgot one of my biggest motivators. Setting an example for my darling nieces and nephews. I want to be the cool aunt who runs marathons (since the “rich aunt” position has already been filled). And on that note, here’s the newest member of my family: Hope Elizabeth.

You can read the details here.

21 thoughts on “take it and run thursday – motivation

  1. first of all, I’m sooo glad you visited my blog because that’s how I found yours. Your template is super cute and I’m in LOVE with this post on motivation. It’s amazing, since i started running it, I too admit, I don’t neccessarily like it but I like “being a runner” and I can’t believe how many others I have heard say the same thing. I recently got interviewed by someone who asked me about my running and I went on and on about the history of how I became a runner. I’m sure she’ll post it soon, if you’re interested. I will definitely be back and super congrats on your new niece. It’s definitely cooler that you are the marathon aunt instead of the rich aunt 😉

  2. Quote: Anything that sounds more enjoyable than running, which most days could be watching the wind blowGreat post. Your de-motivator made me laugh. I have days like that but had never thought of that excuse — Naw. Not today, I have to watch the wind blow. Works for me!

  3. There seems to be some deep motivators lurking in you even though you say you don’t like running.Love what you say about setting an example for your nieces and nehphew. It’s so true.Thanks for this good post.

  4. It’s so funny to see you and Anne say that you hate running. What the? I am so confused. I thought you both loved it. I totally get the part about making yourself run. I am trying to force my body into becoming a runner and I feel like my body is resisting! I keep telling my husband I need the mental training, not just the physical. Maybe I could use some new music. If you have a good list please email it to me- I would love to shake things up on my ipod.

  5. Someday I’d like to learn to run. Maybe I’ll let you teach me. Maybe. If you’re lucky.And your niece is adorable!! 🙂

  6. I’ve always been hesitant to say, “I am a runner,” just because that implies that I love running. I don’t–it’s painful. But like you, I love the outcomes and the way I look and feel for doing it. Your reasons are perfect, and I agree that nothing motivates a good run better than anger.

  7. This is great Chloe! I think we share similar running likes and dislikes. Some days I am one with the running thing and then there are the more recent days…not so much. Aha! I needed your motivation!

  8. i know what you mean about “the show.” i like that too. i love talking with my new boy about running too because he is an awesome runner but makes me feel like i am just as good as him.congrats on your new niece. she is adorable!!

  9. Yes! You share many of the same motivations I do. I don’t hate running anymore- but it took me quite a few to get to this point. It is a release, something I selfishly do for myself and no one else.

  10. I love the bit about telling my people “I ran 16 miles this weekend. That’s half marathon and 5k to you mister.”Great list. Oh and you are never to old any sort of music 😉

  11. Like Anne, I think I could also almost copy your blog. I can’t say that I hate running because I love the sense of accomplishment it gives me . . and the physique. I just wish I could run a faster mile. But I’m trying to pace myself so I can actually finish! I’m sure I’m capable of going faster, because at this rate, I really never get out of breath.

  12. …although I think my motivations are actually very similar to yours, so I might just LITERALLY copy your blog. 😉

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