some things (or people) i’d like to share

I always have a million posts in my head, but as I’m leaving for Nashville for the weekend (and not taking my computer) and I have much packing to do, I am going to leave you with some links to enjoy in my absence.

Cristin’s post about the race to the White House and family pictures. It’s worth checking out.

Robin’s “photo-a-day” blog. She is just getting into photography and makes me jealous that I have no idea how to edit pictures.

Katie’s exciting news! I seriously idolize this girl. It’s kind of sad and pathetic, really. And also look for the great music she loves to share.

And a great post from Amy about her Moral Foundations class.

I really could put several more up, but these are the ones that came to mind. If you are not a regular visitors of these blogs, maybe these posts will tempt you…because I’m sure you all need four more blogs to stalk.

And WWs and budgeting updates will be coming…just a little delayed.

1 thought on “some things (or people) i’d like to share

  1. you know some great people! i always feel weird just jumping into someone’s blog, but now it’s like you (chloe) invited me. 🙂 so they can thank you for the extra stalker!

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