so this is what rejection feels like

Me: So, I didn’t get into M.

Yeah, but you knew you weren’t going to get in. Did you see 30 Rock this week? You need to watch it.

Hello! We’re talking about me. And I know that I knew I wasn’t going to get in, but it still hurts. I don’t think I’ve ever been rejected like this before.

I’m sorry I don’t really feel bad for you. I’ve received lots of rejections letters. Plus, I have my own tragedies to deal with. Apparently, I left my window down and Gus decided to fly in and rain on me…well, my bathroom. (Gus is the cloud that is normally hanging over Erika, but occasionally ventures out to other members of my family).

What? Gus rained on your bathroom? I don’t understand.

The guy upstairs left the faucet on in his bathroom and it leaked through my ceiling and no one noticed until the water hit the lobby. (Erika lives on the ninth floor).

Me: Yeah, but that’s not your fault. That was the guy upstairs’ fault. Getting rejected from M was my fault.

Erika: But don’t you see, that’s what makes my situation so much worse. I didn’t do anything. You are the one that screwed up your chances of getting into M.

Me: Can’t I get a little empathy for the rejection?

I can’t actually empathize, as I have never been rejected from M. Remember, I got in.

You are not nice.

Erika: But you knew you weren’t going to get in. I distinctly remember you calling after the interview and saying something about how, after such a horrible interview, you wouldn’t even accept you.

Me: So, that doesn’t change the fact that it hurts.

You didn’t want to go to M anyway. The business school is ugly and everyday, as you walked past the beautiful law school, you would think to yourself, “If only I was as smart as my sister, Erika, I could have gone to M’s Law School.”

Erika, I couldn’t even get into their business school, which isn’t nearly as good as their law school.

I know…ha ha ha…and I got into their law school. You really are a reject. (laughter that made the rest of what she said incomprehensible)

You are so mean. You just called me a reject.

Yep. Neener, neener.

Did you just say “neener, neener”?


I’m in throws of pain and woe and you just said “neener, neener”?

Chloe, you have to understand. This may be the only time in my life I get to rub it in your face that I was better than you.

(yelling in mock anger) Eff you, Erika. Eff you!!!

(once she stopped laughing long enough to speak) You really need to watch 30 Rock.

Fine. Thanks for nothing. Bye.


Welcome to my family…which is why I also have friends.

Unlike my sister’s response, Sarah’s was totally appropriate (and equally funny). The text message:

“I’m sorry! No matter what, rejection sucks. It’s the ugly boy who you want to reject first. Who needs an ugly boy?”

And Candice has decided to hate the state of M with me.

ETA: Really, I am fine with it. It was interesting to read a rejection letter for the first time ever in my life, but I really did know that I wasn’t going to get in (it was the worst interview ever) and even had I been accepted, I wasn’t planning to go there anyway. It was more about me seeing if I could get in than wanting to go there.

23 thoughts on “so this is what rejection feels like

  1. you and your sister are hilarious. i know the situation in itself was serious and disappointing… but the conversation was hysterical. i had to read it aloud to my roommate and we were both laughing. so i’m glad you can see the humor in even the unpleasant situations πŸ™‚

  2. Brutal, but I’m sure your journey won’t end here. I’m a lot like you, actually. I don’t think I’ve ever had an actual rejection letter. Just all the imaginary ones in my head.

  3. I’m not sure which “M” you’re talking about (although I have a suspicion), so I’m doing a blanket boycott of all M states until further notice.I think I love your family. And I have to say, while I’m sorry for the rejection letter, I can’t feel too sorry for you that you’ve gotten this far in life without ever receiving one before!

  4. That sounds frighteningly like a conversation I would have with my sister (me being the brutal one ;).Still… suck about the rejection. Sorry about that. But… after you get accepted to the school you were meant to go to then this won’t even matter.And I’m joining the “hate M” club.

  5. sorry you didn’t get in! i’m glad you didn’t necessarily want to go there, though- sometimes that softens the blow a little bit more. i love your family, though- so funny. πŸ™‚ good luck with the rest! you’ll end up where you need to be.

  6. Chloe that was so funny! I’m sorry though about the rejection. No fun.I love that Erika just says what she thinks though!

  7. I like the state of M, but it is cold!!! Just remember that you are wanted very much at the other school… remember people are talking πŸ˜‰

  8. Seriously why would you want to go to Erika’s school? People who go there obviously make way too much money in the long run.P.S. I think we need to talk to Erika about her little “30Rock” addiction. She even asked Tannon if he caught this week’s show. He said β€œyes” for some dumb reason and she talked his ear off for the next 45 minutes. He knows now the answer is always always always β€œNO” when he’s talking to Erika.

  9. I hate the state of M. too. I don’t even know who it is I’m hating, but I’ll hate them because they rejected you. It’s their loss.

  10. Bummer! Rejection is never easy, but at least you didn’t really plan on going there, right? And at least you know you already have one acceptance. Here’s to many more…

  11. You have to have tough skin to survive in your family–you weren’t kidding when you said y’all tell it like it is.I’ll hate the state of M. with you, K?So…30 Rock? πŸ™‚

  12. It’s way too cold there anyway. Plus, you couln’t come and see you favorite nephew (and soon new favorite niece) any time you want πŸ™‚

  13. Sorry, that sucks. If it makes you feel any better, my husband applied 3 times to get into BYU, and then once he was in, 4 times to get into the BYU Business school, and then when they finally accepted him, he decided he didn’t want to be a business major. I was like, “Hey give it up.” But some people are really into persistence I guess… Anyway, it’s all for the best, right? It builds character.

  14. Your sister makes me laugh; she’s heartless! I’m with tiffanyrose: WALLOW, then go running. The place you end up going will be The Place For You.

  15. M sucks. but MSU rocks ;)i’m sorry about the letter too. but that just wasn’t where you were meant to go. the right one is going to come. like NU… πŸ™‚

  16. Chloe, I am sorry that you didn’t get into M. You are abslutly right, rejecetion SUCKS. Wallow, eat some WW ice cream and run. That should make you feel better. Besides, they don’t deserve to have you, you are much better.

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