books and their covers

So, I go to this Sunday School class called Marriage and Family Relations. I go to a church with mostly singles, so the class is geared towards us. Today the topic was about making decisions…specifically whether to move a relationship forward, or cut your losses and go.

The instructor, who is married, talked about the importance of discovering whether the person you are dating is “the real deal”. And then he talked about the importance of self-analysis and said that, in his opinion, one of the most important things we could do today, was to ask ourselves, “Am I the real deal?” Does your cover represent your book?

I think this applies to a lot more than romantic relationships. I think you can ask that question in any aspect of your life; at work, at home, at church, with friends. When people open my cover, are they getting the story they think they are? The truth is I judge books by their covers. I expect what I read to match what the cover has sold. Unfortunately, sometimes I find that what is on the cover is better than the story inside, but occasionally, the cover doesn’t do justice to the book.

So, if your cover doesn’t match your story, which one needs to change?

5 thoughts on “books and their covers

  1. Ooh, interesting post! I like to think that my cover needs the most work, but I may be kidding myself. I know the inside needs work too. Darn.

  2. This is a great point. I think that often we know what we want our story to say, but we need to take the time to make sure that it is saying it.To get your story where in needs to be SPIRITUALLY takes prayer, scripture study, attending your meetings, and paying your tithing.

  3. this post has made me think A LOT the past couple of days- such a good question. i don’t know how much my cover matches my book- but, i also think the story inside is often better in my case. 🙂 but i’m with you- i always pick my books by covers- if i don’t like the inside part that i read, that book doesn’t come home.

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