and they’re off

So, we got into the Canyonlands Half Marathon. And by “we” I mean Anne, Cropstar, Jen, Allison, and me. I am so excited to be running with all of these girls, or at least starting the race with them. Not only am I thrilled to run with these girls (and finally meet Jen in person), but I am eagerly anticipating the return to running, full force…in two weeks after my throat heals from my tonsillectomy tomorrow. I think I’ve realized that training for something is the only way I stay on top of my running.

Look for running posts again in the very near future. Woohoo!!!

8 thoughts on “and they’re off

  1. hurray!you’re a champ for putting the team together. i’m so excited to do this! good luck with the tonsil taking outing. sounds not so fun.

  2. holy crap! you’re getting your tonsils out?! good luck!yeah- training for me will be…um, delayed. i’m banned from running until January due to the leg, but I have received full assurance from the pt husband that i can do the half provided i don’t injure myself… 🙂 if not, i will be cheerleading.

  3. Stick with it! I’m not doing Canyonlands ’cause I didn’t want to drive to Moab for “just” a half marathon! LOL! So I’ll just look forward to seeing you guys in St. George again, probably around mile 3? 🙂

  4. I am so incredibly excited! I actually screamed in excitement when I got to my car last night, however I neglected to wait until my car door was shut. Luckily there was no one in the near vicinity…This is going to be so much fun!Oh, and I’m with you on the training. I’ve run maybe 5 times since the marathon and it’s because I had nothing to look forward to.I hope the surgery goes off without a hitch today, and that a full recovery comes quickly.

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