why my coworkers love the dentist

And this is why I always have a camera with me. Always. So you can all be entertained by my post-dentist-visit smile that only lasted a few hours. I could not stop laughing. And neither could anyone at work. I’m sure I’ll regret this later…but, for now, I find it quite entertaining.

18 thoughts on “why my coworkers love the dentist

  1. Oh the joys of novacaine or whatever they use to make your face go numb along with the tooth they are working on. At least it’s temporary and not a bad batch of Botox!

  2. Such a funny moment to capture on film. I’ve noticed your comments on Jill, Michelle, and Alison’s blogs and finally decided to check yours out. I love the layout and the way you express yourself! Your apple tart looks divine too.

  3. You are so funny… hahahaha Home school…. hahaha I think it would kill me off in one fail swoop. Also… I just wanted to know did you have a little drool with your half smile. I loved the pictures!

  4. You are a brave soul. Being in the dental field, I get quite a few laughs when patients wake up from have their wisdom teeth extracted and their WHOLE mouth is completely numb. And their on drugs…. Fun times!

  5. Ha! I love it. When I was growing up, my brother and sisters would all try to make each other smile after our dentist visits-for that very reason. Funny.

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