thoughts on marriage

Yes, I realize that I am not married, but I decided to go to the marriage and family relations class on Sunday and it was fascinating. I really have to be studying for a French mid-term right now, but I wanted to share this thought from the instructor. I think it’s brilliant.

“I believe the reason so many
marriages become lackluster is that people fail to deliver in marriage
what they were
selling in courtship.”

Think about it.

8 thoughts on “thoughts on marriage

  1. I think that can be true, and something important of which to be aware. Like Michelle said, real life does play a role. Sometimes it’s good to think back to when we were dating and treat my hubs more like I did then. Vice versa too.

  2. So true. But somehow, it becomes much harder to be the person you were during courtship when all the other real-life stuff starts crowding in. Stuff like paying the bills, dealing with the kids, and the fact that he always leaves the toilet seat up. But a good reminder, Chloe!

  3. SOOO true!! Marriage is hard and you definately need to work hard at it. It’s easy to forget, when you have a lot going on, that your marriage needs to come first. That is such a great thought, and I’ve never really thought about that. And, although you may change as time goes on, you should never put your spouse on the back-burner for any reason.

  4. You couldn’t be more right Chole. When people are courting they are at their best. Why shouldn’t that continue on in a marriage? Esepcially when you want it to last forever. Marriage is all about serving your spouse and making them feel happy and complete. And chances are, if you are that dedicated in making their life wonderful, they will be that dedicated too.

  5. Someone once said that the reason he got married was because he decided to take some notes from selling a car. He talked about how he stopped doing things a potential mate would like. Then he said that the reason that the rest of us aren’t married was that we hadn’t figured out his secret out. I’ve always been bothered by what he said. Personally, I don’t think its just selling yourself to a potential mate–I think you need to work on yourself and be the person that you want, but at the same time, his feelings were pretty singular. Working on yourself doesn’t end with marriage.

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