My cousin, Ali, got married today. His name is Blake. Isn’t he a fox? Isn’t she a babe? (When I’m around the Aunties, I regress to their vernacular). As I refuse to be one of those people (you know, the ones who get in the way pretending to be photographers when there are professionals there), I didn’t get very many shots. But here are a few.

Blake, the fox, and newest addition to the family. He’s actually Ali’s sister’s husband’s brother. Work it out. So, we all know that there children will be cute!
The beautiful bride! Seriously, my cousins are GORGEOUS!

Michelle (aka Shelly), the youngest sibling. She is so fun! And such a sass! Apparently, it runs in the family.

So, this was not the shot I was going for. I cropped it. But I think it is framed well, if only the bouquet were perfectly (or at all) in focus. It’s not, but you can see what could have been.

Ali and Drew, her younger brother and only boy. He is such a great kid! See what I mean. My cousins are “beautiful people”. And, the best part is, it is an “inside and out” beauty.

Her florist was amazing! The colors were absolutely stunning.

Anne and Tyler’s little girl, Ashley. This is what Ali and Blake’s children could look like. She is seriously adorable, but I think she was a little overwhelmed by all the people. It’s too bad I didn’t get a picture of the dress. It was darling.

So, this one isn’t from today, it’s from Ali’s shower two weeks ago, but it has to do with the wedding…and it shows the four sisters, Anne, Ali, Maddie and Shel. Could they be any cuter? I don’t think so!

I just loved the cake. Stunning and non-traditional. This is probably my favorite picture. So weird that it involves food.

My fantastic grandmother, the new hair, and my aunt Kristen (the Aunties are total babes)…it’s a little out of focus, but such is life. When you don’t have a “point-and-shoot”, it’s a little more difficult to have someone take a picture for you and have it turn out.

The mother of the bride, Kendall, and Kristen (aka the Aunties). They are the best of friends and both so fun and such hotties! I love having such a wonderful, fun, loving family. (This one is out of focus because the lighting was low and I couldn’t hold still enough).

The wedding was absolutely amazing. I cried. Not that it means anything. This was one of those perfect days. I love perfect days!

24 thoughts on “joy!

  1. They are all beautiful people for sure. How funny to have two sisters marry two brothers. Great photos, great flowers, and your hair looks great too!

  2. Chloe, you took some incredibly FANTASTIC photos! I especially like the way you cropped and framed the photo of bouquet with the bride & groom kissing in the background.

  3. Great pictures – so much better than many so called “professionals.” I laughed when you said you get in the way of the real photographer, my husband does that too!

  4. I love your blog—-I know this posting was just beautifully hot people, but you always write things that make me stop and think. This winter we are getting up to visit my parents. . . hopefully we can hook up then. Also, next weekend I am going to WC for our 10 yr. reunion. Is Justin going? I haven’t seen or talked to him in YEARS!!! It would be so fun to catch up!

  5. Wow, your aunts do look like your mom. My mother and I were talking about her the other day, when I told her I found your blog. My mom is having some memory problems lately, but she remember the past very well, and loved your mother so much. You must miss her so much. Losing a parent who is young and when you are young is not easy. She was a lovely woman and always so kind to our family. They look just like her. -Stacy

  6. You are a great photographer-don’t kid yourself. And I love your hair. I wish mine could do that. I just can’t do the long, side-swept bangs like that. I’ve tried.

  7. Chloe – What a small world!! That is so crazy that you are Anne’s cousin!! Those pictures are absolutely amazing!! You look fantastic!

  8. Julia…that is crazy. Such a small world. My cousin Anne, Ali’s older sister, is married to Tyler, Zach’s older brother. Where do you know Zach from?Denae…it’s called a “label cloud”. I found the html code from some other blog. I think you can google it and find the coding. I made a few changes though (the standard colors didn’t go with my blog).

  9. Wow they really are so beautiful. Great pictures Chloe! I love the one of them about to kiss. Also, you look so pretty too, I also love your hair. By the way, how do you get your labels in paragraph form like you have on your sidebar? I want to do that. My labels list is too long and takes up too much room.

  10. Now those are some beautiful people. Great shots- I always feel odd taking pictures at weddings too when the real photographer is right there. You got some cool shots though.Your hair is awesome.

  11. How come I didn’t know they were getting married yesterday? And why did they get married on a Thursday, so no one could be there? Ahh, I think I just answered my own question… smart… very smart.I am so out of the loop down hear in Vegas.

  12. I love the gorgeous, vibrant bouquet. And you’re right, they are a beautiful couple! Also, love the hair! Where do you get it cut/colored? I’m in need of a good stylist.

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