picture addiction

So, I think the idea behind Wordless Wednesday is to just post one picture, so I did that last week. But here’s the thing. I love taking pictures. And I love taking pictures of my nieces and nephews. I posted one, but I took about 300 – I love digital. So, I feel the need to direct you to my sister-in-law’s blog where that are a few more pictures posted. And here are two more from my 24-hours in Vegas after the marathon.
The sad truth is that the shot of T in the air took about 20 shots. Trying to capture a kid, flying through the air, with a 50 mm lens (a lens meant for portraiture, not action shots) and no auto-focus…no simple task. But, with such a darling model, the practice is quite enjoyable. And I happen to love how my brother looks catching his little boy. He’s such a kid at heart!

And a few more…
*On a side note, I was talking to Justin and he asked me why, when I post about finishing a marathon, I get 20+ comments, but when I post pictures of his kid, I only get 4 or 5. Hmm, I wonder. Maybe something to do with FINISHING A MARATHON???

13 thoughts on “picture addiction

  1. You know how I feel about this kid–he is so freakin’ adorable!! And now that my niece is here, we should start working out their wedding plans.

  2. Great pics! Glad you had a little getaway after The Race. Just imagine the comments if “this kid” (aka your sweet nephew) ran a marathon. 🙂

  3. so. stinking. adorable. chloe, answer me this, please…what kind of camera do you use? there was plenty of mention of the lens/autofocus/whatever stuff, but no actual camera specs. i know i don’t have a natural photographer’s eye like some of my friends but maybe i can get a sweet camera that will help me along the way?

  4. chloe, he is adorable. i totally get the picture addiction, especially when it comes to the neices and newphews…i have literally over a thousand pictures of my babies…and that doesn’t include the pictures i deleted.i need to come down that way…soon. hope all is well.

  5. I always comment about my friends kids! Justin and Cherity have a cute little boy and I am so excited for them to have a girl, cuz that is all I know is girls! If I had a boy, it would be so weird for me.

  6. Beautiful pictures Chloe. I am the same way…I take a ton of them. I want a better camera though…. someday. Justin and his son are cute. It is crazy to see everyone growing up!

  7. This one’s for Justin! It is so fun to see your “siblings” grow up to be awesome parents. He looks so happy being a daddy. Who knew that the jerky little kid would turn out so good 🙂 Love you guys. Can’t wait to see him throw his baby girl in the air. too!!!

  8. oh- your nephew is so cute! 🙂 i have no idea why you’d only get 4-5 comments on this little guy. i know the air-borne picture frustrations! it’s so worth it once you get it, though- and the kid loves it!

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