the thoughts in my head

  1. I think fashion education should be part of basic education. Like, there are certain styles that don’t look good on certain body types. Everything in the photo above is wrong (I love that I found a reason to post this picture). Nylons (stockings, pantyhose, whatever you want to call them), should not be worn with sandals and socks should not be worn with pumps, and pumps should not be worn with sweat pants (especially cropped ones) and tube tops should not be worn with…anything. And knee highs always make a statement, and that statement is usually, “What the hell were you thinking?”
  2. I forgot how much I love that I speak French. And when I say love, I mean love. Seriously. I’m only taking one class this semester with all of the grad school applying that needs to be happening, and that class is French for Business. I started to get really nervous yesterday, before class. It’s been 6 years since I took any kind of French class. Sure, I have the occasion to speak/read/hear it now and then, but not for 75 minutes straight and not the parlance of business. So, while introducing myself and sharing my background made me really, really nervous, I was so pleased to discover that I understood my professor perfectly…jokes and all. I don’t know how many of you speak a foreign language, but there is something so amazing about getting jokes in another language. I love it. I love speaking French. I love that, because of my GMAT score, I might be able to go to a school that offers an exchange with a French school. I love that I might be able to go work in France for a few years. I’m just excited.
  3. The world is such a small place…especially when you’re taking an advanced language course at the university I’m at. There’s a girl in my class who went to Madagascar on a mission for my church. I was curious to know if she perhaps knew Cropstar, as that’s where she went on a mission, as well. Turns out she’s really good friends with her.
  4. I have a work crush. It makes my daily life much more enjoyable. And the best part is, he will never become a possibility because I’m not only not interested in him (I don’t know him well enough, nor will I, to ever be truly interested and I have no intention of sharing with anyone who it is because, well, that’s the only way to ensure that my work crush doesn’t turn into an awkward and uncomfortable situation…as they are wont to do when you tell someone), but I am also not interested in a relationship period, which brings me to number five.
  5. For the first time in my life (okay, not life, but the last, oh, 15 years), I am really not interested in dating. At all. It’s a strange feeling. I wish I could explain it. It’s peaceful, and happy, and calm. With this whole grad school thing, I have felt really strongly that that is where my focus should be. Period. And I’ve also felt that there won’t be any boys during the next three years of my life (and yes, I will always refer to them as boys…it’s a family trait…but I do mean “men”). Well, there will be boys, but not in that sense. I know that might sound weird and I know things can change, but for right now, that’s how I feel. I love it.
  6. I went to a religion class last night. It’s a bunch of single people from several different wards/congregations. It was fantastic. My former bishop is teaching it. He is amazing. My favorite thing about him is that he is real. There’s no sugar coating. There’s no pretending that life is always sunshine and roses. But he’s not a Debbie Downer, either. He’s just real. He was talking about reading the Old Testament from cover to cover tonight and basically said it was an excruciating experience. How could I not love a class taught by this man? I so value real.
  7. While I’m excited about my prospects in the school department, I’m also terrified. I’m scared of being a little fish in a big pond. I’m scared of failing. I’m scared of not getting into the school I want to go to, but I’m also scared of getting into it. Basically, I’m just scared. But fear has never stopped me, so onward I go.
  8. I was driving around yesterday thinking about how much I enjoy driving and then thinking about how much I will miss having a car if I move to New York or Chicago. While I have lived without one and I actually really enjoy public transportation (when it’s good and convenient), I love the solitude of driving. Then I thought about going to the Met and just sitting for hours in front of a painting. Perhaps I won’t miss driving as much as I think I will.
  9. I’m not going to WWs today. Not because I don’t want to. Sure, I’ve had a week full of crappy food consumption, but for the first time ever, I just don’t care. Not in an “I don’t care if I’m fat” way, but a “Yes, I am human and I am finally willing to admit it…for five minutes” way. I just have something to do that supersedes the WW. I do have some thoughts, though, so I’ll go ahead and share those during my regularly scheduled post.
  10. I’m going to be auntie…again. Which I already knew, but yesterday was the ultrasound and they found out that “it” is a “she”. I’m going to have a new niece. They have a name all picked out. I won’t be sharing it because it’s not mine to share, but it’s very cute.

10 thoughts on “the thoughts in my head

  1. love the post…and oh my goodness, I know you said you have no intention of sharing the work crush, but really, you must tell me. :)oh man, Chloe, I miss you!!! I need to be a better friend and email!

  2. That picture is awesome. I know nothing about fashion, but even I know that is just plain wrong! I don’t know why, but your #1 made me giggle really hard.

  3. that pictures cracks me cool that you speak french- i tried it in high school and completed my first test by answering in spanish- not a good sign!i’m so excited to see where you go for school. i remember those feelings before grad school- it’s hard to describe, but there’s this evolution of fear as you continue (hope that isn’t scary- it’s an empowering versus intimidating evolution…how’s that?). congratulations on becoming an aunt again!!!

  4. I took a community french class the year before Luke was born and loved it. I was intimidated because some of the speakers were so good, but we had a native teacher and it just felt great to speak French again. We played games in french like outburst and taboo and that was the best. I don’t know about you, but my french has deeply suffered from not using it since coming home.

  5. Did you take that photo in #1? If so, we both chose to expose the more riduculous of our species yesterday. I’ve always wanted to speak fluent french. I speak a little, but not so that I’d get jokes or be able to say them right. Good for you and I hope you do get to go abroad with your skills!Crushes – yay! Independence and contentment – double yay!I value the real too. Another reason I love your blog!

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