time out

I interrupt what would have been a post about the half-marathon I ran this morning (excellent!), to tell you that I am taking a blog break. In exactly one week from today, I will be taking the GMAT. This is the entrance exam for business school (think SAT on steroids). I finished my prep class on Wednesday, and now it’s time to make sure that I have the formulas, mnemonic devices and strategies I will need to blow this test out of the water fully integrated into my brain…no, my being. I need to eat, sleep, and breathe GMAT for the next week. And since, as most of you know, I am the queen of productive procrastination (yes, I do think bogging productive), I am announcing the break so that you all know that I am not supposed to be blogging. This includes commenting. So, if you “catch” me doing it, feel free to call me on it.

In the meantime…wish me luck. And don’t worry, the Weight Watchers and training updates will still happen, you’ll just have to wait until Saturday or Sunday.

17 thoughts on “time out

  1. Ah, come on. You must take the occasional break; otherwise you’ll go crazy. One idea: make some cookies, take a picture, and post it; that way we’ll know you’re still among the living, and you’ll motivate the rest of us to get fat. Everybody wins!On that note, GOOD LUCK!

  2. Save The O.C. for after you study. I’m sorry to get you hooked on something else. I’m a bad friend…who really is a good friend cause you’ll love it. Ha.Plus, we need to celebrate when you’re done GMATing. I’m thinking dancing…

  3. Good luck preparing this week. You will do great I’m sure!I’m sure being a high-level business executive dressed in rockin’ power suits, who runs (literally) rings around fellow executives, is in your future! 🙂

  4. Good Luck Chloe!!! You are going to rock that glorified SAT. Business schools aren’t going to know what to do with you.:)

  5. Ewww! A whole week of GMAT stuff. I remember a long time ago taking that test – never got back those 4 hours of my life (or however long it took). But I did manage to squeak into an MBA program. I bet I couldn’t pass it now if I tried.

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