and the other side

So, you know I wrote a post yesterday about this jerky guy? Well, then today, I read a post on another blog that made me think. While the post I made yesterday was true…and fun to write…I really don’t want anyone out there to think I hate men or that I think they are all jerks. After reading that other blog post, I thought about what my post may have inspired in my readers.

So, because of that, I’d like to direct you to a few posts about some great men: my dad, my brothers, my friend Hillary’s husband, my friend Denae’s father and husband (her dad was my bishop as a youth and he really is so great!), and the list goes on and on.

Thanks, Farrah, for sharing your thoughts. We all need a little reminding now and again.

Who are the good men in your life? Have you thought to talk about them lately? Please feel free to post links in the comments to your “good men” posts.

6 thoughts on “and the other side

  1. While I have seen your comments on many of the blogs that I read, this is my first venture into your “mind”.There are good ones out there . . . some have rules to live by (Thom Carter Rules) . . . some even realize when they make mistakes.I look forward to reading more.

  2. It would be so easy to stereotype all men into the “you suck” category. But you are so right…there are also so many wonderful men that we know. I love my dad. He is always there for me and he always makes me feel special.

  3. Chole- I just read the blog about on line dating- I was dieing! I think there are a lot of good men out in the world- But why do I find the lame ones? Everyone always says keep trying, it’s not that bad…and so on. But once you have meet your quota on lame men, all you can think about is how lame they are. But I will tell you this there are a lot of men in my life that make my life so happy. No I don’t have a boyfriend- I have a great dad, brother in laws, and I work with a bunch of men. They make my life so fun, and I love to be around them. I think that you are doing so many great things in your life, you don’t need to worry about all the lame people. You are truley an example to me. p.s. I love your blog. It’s so fun!

  4. Hi– I just found your blog (through Lucy’s– where else?) and we have a lot in common. I recently did Weight Watchers to lose the weight after baby #4, and I’m now training for a marathon too! Want a cyber running buddy?

  5. Because of bad experienes in my life with awful MALES, it would be easy to catergorize them into one big heap of crap. But I didn’t lose faith in the male gender as a whole. Some men do suck! But others are completely wonderful. My husband is one of them, my brother in laws, my brothers…I have many men in my life I want to forget, and many that make me a better woman!

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