12 miles of music

So, here’s the playlist…I didn’t hear the first 9 songs very well because I had my headphones (ear huggers) hugging my tank top rather than my ears. It was weird to listen to myself breathe while running. I didn’t really like it. Maybe it was the fact that I was also straining my ears to hear any movement of the crazy man in the bushes. I don’t know. But I was very happy once it was light enough that I felt safe to put the headphones in!

Anyway, as you’ll see, this week’s playlist was a tribute to teeny-boppers everywhere. As k8 says, “I’m pretty sure my 16-year-old self would approve.” Well, except for the fact that some of these songs could use a little editing…something I didn’t necessarily realize when I put them on the playlist.

Anything not in black is download-able. Enjoy!

  1. in too deep 3:29 sum 41
  2. Summer Love 4:15 Justin Timberlake
  3. if i could go 4:14 Angie martinez
  4. suga suga 3:42 Baby Bash
  5. If You Were Here 2:57 Thompson Twins
  6. i didnt steal your boyfriend 3:04 ashlee simpson
  7. Workout Plan 2:52 Kayne West
  8. beautiful love 4:09 The Afters
  9. My Love (Feat. T.I.) 4:36 Justin Timberlake
  10. Big girls don’t cry 4:28 Fergie (this is when one headphone went into my ear)
  11. pump it 3:38 Black eyed peas
  12. Voulez-Vous Danser 3:20 Ace Of Base
  13. Every Other Time 4:07 LFO
  14. LOVE 2:37 ashlee simpson
  15. No One Is to Blame 3:59 Emile Millar
  16. Lifetime (radio) 3:29 better than ezra (and this is when both headphones went in)
  17. breathe 3:48 Blu Cantrell
  18. calling you 4:22 Blue October
  19. Boys (The Co-Ed Remix) 3:47 Britney Spears Feat. Pharrell Williams
  20. Fields of Gold 3:33 Sting & Edin Karamazov
  21. Do It 4:04 Spice Girls
  22. LoveStoned 7:24 Justin Timberlake
  23. I’ve Just Begun 3:23 Britney Spears
  24. what about us 3:57 Brandy
  25. A Sorta Fairytale 5:29 Tori Amos
  26. me & u 4:20 Cassie
  27. Just The Girl 3:50 The Click Five
  28. All Falls Down 3:43 Kanye West
  29. I See You Baby 4:03 Groove Amada Feat, Gram’ma Funk
  30. Resolution 3:49 Nick Lachey
  31. Summer Girls 4:19 LFO
  32. in too deep 3:29 sum 41
  33. Clothes Off 3:55 Gym Class Heroes
  34. Workout Plan 2:52 Kayne West
  35. Lay Lady Lay 4:37 Magnet
  36. Saturday Night Divas 4:25 Spice Girls

2 thoughts on “12 miles of music

  1. Ok, so I listen to most of this exact same music when I run! The funny thing is, that’s the only time I listen to it. I’ll have to listen to “workout plan.” If it’s on there twice it must be great! I’ve been looking for some new suggestions, so thanks!

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