spt – hello

Quick and easy this week!! SPT posts have been pretty light these past few weeks. Summer schedules are so much more hectic, aren’t they? Whatever happened those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer?” I’ve got the crazy ones covered!! I sure could use some of the lazy, hazy ones…so this week, no challenge, no props, no tours of your hometown. just you!! Can’t wait to see you!

So, here’s the thing. I know it’s called “Self-Portrait” Tuesday, the idea being to take a picture of myself for this week’s challenge, which I could have done, however I decided to have my friend, Sarah, help me out and take some pictures. She was helping me with my new banner last night (isn’t it fantastic!), and by helping, I mean creating while I sat in her office amazed by her design skills (and I have to thank Kelly, too, for creating such a fantastic font), and as we were leaving her office, I asked her if she would take a few pics of me for today’s challenge. I hope no one’s offended by the “cheating”, but I really was due for some new pics that I really like…so here they are:

Yep, I think she did a good job! And there’s nothing like a good picture to make you feel better about life, no matter how much crap you’re dealing with!

8 thoughts on “spt – hello

  1. You pictures are GORGEOUS! Can you please come take some cute prego pictures of me? Seriously, Bryce has been trying to take them and it is just NOT working…Anyway, you’re adorable. 🙂

  2. I’m deeply offended you didn’t take your own pic for SPT. Only kidding! Cute, cute pictures! I also like the new banner, so fun!!

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