Aqualung and Pete Yorn…my life is good!

I was reading my friend’s blog the other day and she was talking about being a single, LDS woman with a career. (If you want to check it out, her blog link is over to the right–katie) and it made think a little bit about my life and where I’m at and how I feel about being 29 and single and a member of a church that is centered around families. And I have to tell you that I feel pretty good…great, actually. Not that I don’t want to get married…someday, but my life is so fun right now. Not that people who are married don’t have fun (they do…and Jennifer and Sungti are great examples because they are uber-cool married people), but I love that this last Thursday night, I could just go to a concert without worrying about a babysitter, if my husband would want to go with me, and if not, would he care that I was going, no one to ask for permission to go or spend the money on it. I guess, what I’m trying to say is, I just appreciate being able to do these things now. And, Utah is pretty cool if you just look for things to do besides going to a movie (not that I don’t love movies…but, there are things to do besides movies).

Moving on to my real subject…Thursday night I went with the roomies and Kelly (supercool friend of Sarah’s who just moved here from Chicago and also happens to work with the roomies–yes, I feel a little left out) up to Park City to see Aqualung and Pete Yorn at Suede and it was fabulous. I wish that one could adequately describe a live performance so that others could experience it, but it’s just not possible…so buy some tickets and go to a concert yourself.

Besides the music being amazing, we were at the very front, so we also had an amazing view. Our feet killed afterwards and we couldn’t hear very well for a bit, but it was totally worth it.

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