diva dilemmas….

And I’m not saying that in the “I’m an amazing singer” kind of way, but more in the “I refuse to give up the mic” kind of way. Continuing in the new tradition that I have created of making every weekend worth being single, we had a party last night at the OL. “We” being the roomies, although it’s more of a Sarah and Richard thing…I just provided the location. Anyway, it was a theme party (I would put the invite on, but it has my address, and, well, you can never be too careful…which makes me sad because Richard did a great job with it) and “Hitch” was the theme (we like movie themes). The best part is, we never got to watching the movie and here’s why: We were singing (and DDRing…but I didn’t get any pics of that). Richard brought his karaoke machine…well, not a machine really, just microphones with chips inside that plug right into the t.v. (can I just reiterate that I love technology?), and we rocked the house. The last party…themed “Nacho” and we did watch the movie…I had no voice and was unable to participate in the karaoke portion of the evening. Well, I made up for it last night. Thank goodness there were fewer people than expected because it could have been ugly, except that we were all missing Jennifer and Sungti…the Hsu’s need to come back from Taiwan.

I would try and explain all of the fun that went on, but it’s one of those “you had to be there” things. Seriously, though, I am in love with Richard’s 2,000 songs and I think he should let me borrow them. I let him borrow movies.
And while, as mentioned, I was quite the diva, that only happened later on. I tried to share in the beginning, but as the night wore on and fatigue set in, I just couldn’t control myself. Another reason not to hang out when tired…it only leads to trouble. Oh, and did I mention that we combined Moods with karaoke for a bit? It was fantastic…too difficult to do for a long period, but definitely good for a few laughs. So, last night was fabulous (although I am EXHAUSTED and I have, once again, done nothing productive over the weekend) and what I realized, upon further reflection which always happens as I am extremely introspective, is that I am finally back to me. Not just back to me, but better. This is the person I have always wanted to be. No, not the Diva part…but the fun, carefree, semi-spaz who can enjoy people and laugh at herself. I really like me and that is a wonderful feeling!P.S. In case you were wondering…Richard really stole the show. (Literally…he wasn’t sharing either…but I guess he can’t really steal it since the karaoke does belong to him.) And I don’t think Richard reads my blog, but just in case…Richard, we could all tell that you wanted to want to share. 😉

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