A Gastronomic Tour of the Beautiful Bay Area…

I wish I could describe for all of you my fabulous trip so that you could really experience it, but I can’t. I do have lots of picture, though. Unfortunately, I also have a cruel sister who likes to get the WORST pictures possible, so just know that I am much cuter that some, if not all, of these pictures. Also, it’s not that I don’t love my sister, but she refused to be in any pictures…so, while I did manage to get several of her hand, I didn’t feel like uploading them.

I went to Palo Alto to visit my sister and decided, having grown up in the Bay Area, that it was time to visit my favorite restaurants (and I use that term loosely to describe any establishment where edibles can be purchased and consumed) and to discover some new ones. San Francisco is known for it’s world class gastronomy and I wanted to partake. I also got to enjoy some very vacationesque (yes, I’m making up words) experience, including a massage, facial and some pool side time. I miss California and 65 degree winters.

The gastronomic tour began the evening I arrived. Erika and I hit Fenton’s in Oakland (my flight was late–I love me some Southwest–so Chevy’s was out). Fenton’s is this great creamery and restaurant. It’s similar to Leatherby’s, which I have in Provo, but sooo much better. They have much better food and I think they do a better Swiss Milk Chocolate, as well (my favorite kind of ice-cream). Not only that, but it has the dive ice-cream parlor thing going for it. I don’t know the Leatherby’s owners were thinking when they decorated the new locale in P-town, but “yuck” is what I have to say. Unfortunately, as I was extremely tired and stuffing my face with ice-cream, I didn’t think to take a pic at Fenton’s. You’ll have to just check out the website.

Saturday morning, after getting a late start (I love vacation) we headed to Hobee’s, this great local breakfast place in PA. They have eight locations in the south bay. They are known for their blueberry coffeecake and it’s delicious. I actually didn’t order it, I just ate some of Erika’s because I had cranberry-sourdough French toast with banans, toasted almonds and a sour cream and nutmeg sauce. Delicious!!!

Then it was off to Erika’s club for massages and facials. I am a big fan of Equinox, where we had our treatments. As an esthetician who has recevied more treatments than I can count or remember, I have to admit that I’m quite critical. Well, Jessica and Alejandro knew what they were doing. I was in HEAVEN!

We followed this by a trip to Santana Row in San Jose. Erika wanted to try out this Italian place that my aunt loves, but the first available reservation was at 10:15…a little late to eat, even for me. So we headed down and decided to look around and see what there was and much to my delight, there was a restaurant that I have wanted to try for years (ever since one opened in the town next to the town where I grew up). It’s called The Left Bank. It’s a French restaurant. It took a little convincing to get Erika to go with me, but once she saw the menu, she was sold. It was amazing, other than the fact that we were seated in the back of the restaurant because we were not dressed as nicely as some other patrons (although, I think I looked good, but aparently even a sweater with nice jeans…is still jeans). The food was delicious and the service was fantastic. We went ahead and ordered four courses (well, five if you count each appetizer individually). The Steak Tartare was my favorite…oh, and the bread. For those of you who have never had the privilege of experiencing bread in France, this comes in a close second. I was in heaven. I had to be rolled out of the restaurant, but it was worth it.

Sunday, I got up and painted my sister’s wall. That was my slave duty for my weekend of luxury. Erika came out and said, “I love that you get up early.” It wasn’t my best work ever. I’ve decided that I don’t like taping things off. I’m much better free hand. Anyway, after that we headed into The City. This is how we have always referred to San Francisco…The City. We started out looking for this little creperie I wanted to try. Unfortunately, it was in the financial district and closed on Sunday…so our next stop was Citizen Cupcake, on the third floor of the Virgin Records Mega Store. This is a branch of Citizen Cake, a patisserie in SF. We went for cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes for breakfast. They were supposed to be for lunch, but our breakfast plans fell through, so cupcakes it was. They were delicious. And I had a bowl of hot chocolate. Yes, a bowl, as you can see in the picture.

We then shopped our hearts out. I love The City. And, fun new discovery, they have H&M. I love H&M. I fell in love on my mission and have not since lived close enough to one to go. I had a great time.

Shopping was followed by sushi in Chinatown. That’s right, Japanese food in Chinatown. We went to Rock ‘n’ Roll sushi. Now, when you click on the link, realize that I’m not an idiot (if you know SF). They have two locations, but only one is listed on the website.

And then, we did some late night eating at Chevy’s. They have the best, best, best chips and salsa ever. I know people here like Los Hermanos, but it doesn’t even compare to Chevy’s. And their fajitas are the best.

You’ll be happy to know, after all of that eating, that Monday I didn’t eat anything until we headed to the airport. I got up and painted another wall that Erika wanted painted and then I was going to head to the pool when I discovered that Erika had not left me keys (she had a meeting and work and an 11:00 tee time) and she was not answering her phone. I had no way to get into the pool, and even if I could get in, I couldn’t get back into her building or the apartment. I searched everywhere (much to her dismay when she got back that evening to take me to the airport). Finally, I called the appartment office and explained the situation and they said they’d let me back in. Down to the pool I went. It was a perfect 65 degress, with a slight breeze. When I got cold, I just hopped in the hottub and warmed up. It was fabulous.

Around 3:00, I headed upstairs to get ready to head back to Utah. And off we went, to the airport via Casper’s Hot Dogs. The best hot dogs ever! I challenge anyone who would claim otherwise.

So, as you can see, I enjoyed my little tour of the Bay Area. The good news is, surprisingly, I didn’t gain any weight. I think all the running I’ve been doing has sped up my metabolism a little. I’ve been much healthier since I’ve been home, though. I really don’t eat like that all the time.

1 thought on “A Gastronomic Tour of the Beautiful Bay Area…

  1. Yep – That was fun. While you were only a slave part-time instead of a full-time, all in all it was fun for all. I’ve actually been getting compliments on the clothes. Yay!

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