friday night confessions…sarah style

My friend, Sarah, has a blog (see the link to the left) called “Confessions of a Twenty-Something Drama Queen” where she “confesses”, usually in lists of 10. And I like it, so I’m copying her today.

1. Work has been super busy this last week as I have been down two (sometimes three) employees over the last two weeks (I only have three) and, while it has been busy, I have been enjoying the fact that I was able to go it alone and I am loving the praises of me that are being sung. It’s true…I love being good at my job.

2. I went and saw Freedom Writers tonight and I really enjoyed it. Anytime I watch those types of inspirational movies (kids make it out of gangs to succeed) it makes me want to do something like that with my life…then I think about how long it would take me to get my teaching certificate, what it would cost and what I would make…and, well, I change my mind. But I do volunteer…or I’m trying to.

3. The cd exchange (you can read about that chez Sarah as well) is one of the best ideas ever. I came home to a new cd tonight (I’m listening to it right now) and it was such a happy surprise. I love music.

4. One of my student employees got back from her extended break today and I was so excited. As much as I love being praised, I like being able to get all of my job done even more. Plus, she’s just a fabulous employee…and she brought me gifts and who doesn’t love anything from Marks & Spencer, seriously?

5. I’m supposed to run 7 miles tomorrow, but I don’t really want to. I was using my consulting class as an excuse not to (we were going to meet tomorrow), but now we’re not meeting tomorrow, so I really have no excuse.

6. I’m addicted to Veronica Mars and can’t wait for the new episode on Tuesday. And I’m excited that I’m hooking other people. It’s a very clever show.

7. I love my accounting class. It’s how my mind works. I think business is the way to go for me.

8. I am loving my new haircut and color (pics coming soon). It is so fun. I’m figuring out all of the different ways I can style it. Today it was diffused with some barrel curls–super sassy, and who doesn’t love a sassy blond…and I don’t just mean the hair?

9. We are covering poetry in my English class and I am less than excited. I wish that I would have just taken the final the first go around of this class…although I do love my professor, so that helps.

10. I’m so excited to sleep in tomorrow. I can’t sleep super late because I have hours of homework and I’m going out tomorrow night, but I will love not hearing an alarm at 5:30. Happy, happy thoughts…and on that note, I’m off to bed.

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