the crush…

Okay, maybe not the crush, but a crush. What is it about a crush that just makes life better? And I’m not talking about an “Oh my gosh, if I don’t go out with him, my life just might end,” type of crush, but more of the “Oh, he’s really cute and really nice. He probably has a porn problem, but in the meantime, I sure like daydreaming about what could be if the world were perfect, but what won’t be because, first of all, the world is not perfect and second, I have way too darn much going on in my life to deal with someone else’s baggage right now.” You’re thinking “cynical”, but really, you know what I’m saying is true.

It’s the perfect type of crush. You get to enjoy the daydreams, but when you find out that he just started dating someone, or that he has a million issues, or whatever, you’re not sad or upset or hurt. In fact, you probably won’t even stop daydreaming because, well, it was never something you really wanted anyway.

And I’m glad to be in a place in my life where I have those kinds of crushes and where I actually admit to people that know the guy that I have a crush. Once upon a time (my whole life until yesterday), such was not the case. I think I was always worried that my friends would think, “Why does she have a crush on him? Doesn’t she realize that he is way out of her league?” Or that if nothing happened with the crush, they would pity me. But, that has never been true and what I’ve finally figured out is that I’m a catch. Not perfect, not Super Girl, but a catch. And sharing crushes is fun. Man, did I miss out in high school…and college for that matter.

Someday the crush will come along and it will last my whole life (see, I’m not all cynism), but in the meantime, here’s to perfect crushes (celebrities included :-), happy daydreams and great new cd mixes that have become the soundtracks of those daydreams (thanks Sarah)!

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