moods…and more

I wish that you could all be in Utah and hang out with the friends that I get to hang out with here. They are truly fabulous. I like being an adult and having adult friends who are in similar stages of life–constant transition (IMPATIENT).

Last night, for visiting teaching, my companion and I went to dinner with the girl (yes, I will always say girl unless someone is obviously over 50–and even then it’s questionable) we visit teach (RIGHTEOUS) and her companion came with us (they visit teach my companion-CONFUSED). We went to Bombay House (JOLLY), a fabulous Indian restaurant here in Provo (SURPRISE), and we just chatted. It was so fun. That is what I think visiting teaching is supposed to be about–really becoming friends (no, I didn’t mean eating out) to the point where you really would call those women up if you needed something and it would be normal and comfortable. Next month, we’re heading to Sundance for a half-day of skiing. How fun is that (EXCITED)?!

And on to tonight, which is what really sparked this entry (THOUGHTFUL). Tonight, “Jen and the Gang” (like “Cool and the Gang” but better; this is my new term for this particular group of friends…we all know each other through Jennifer, so I think it’s appropriate-RESOLVED), came over to my house for an interactive dinner. We made pizza. We then played the game Moods. We started by following the rules, but as this is a very dramatic group of people (not in the bad way, perhaps animated would be a better way to put that-PLEASED), that proved to be a little boring. So, we modified the rule…and good times were had by all.

I could try and describe this experience to those of you who weren’t there, but it wouldn’t work. All I can tell you is that my eyes watered and my cheeks still hurt from laughing (JOYFUL!). And the best part is that this particular group of friends makes me want to be a better person. I guess a better way to put it is that they bring out the best in me (CONTENT). I know that sounds a little cheesy and cliche, but it’s true nonetheless. They are fantastic and they are all so nice. Catherine, a friend of mine (so now she knows Jen), came over a little later in the evening and she fit right in. It was fabulous (RELIEVED)! I always stress out when different groups of friends interact because I like them all, but I worry that they won’t like each other (ANXIOUS).

I wish that the good times would translate through my little blog (HOPEFUL)…but they won’t (DISAPPOINTED). Just think of the last time you were with a group of people and you all just kept laughing. Tonight was all about the adjective. And the best part is that there is no drama. I would guess that we all have our moments (or in my case, chloments :-), but never anything major. In fact, I only know about my own little moments (EMBARRASSED). It’s so easy.

I think in my “old” age (MOCKING)–I love saying that because the only thing that makes me think I’m old is the fact that I’m Mormon and single and I don’t really think I’m old)–I’m finally at a point where I can just say “no” to drama (RELAXED). I get to choose that. Do I want to always be kind to people? Ideally, yes. But do I have to be friends with everyone? No. And there’s nothing wrong with that (HONEST).

To “Jen and the gang” – here’s to more good times and chepleazy chloments full of bash!

1 thought on “moods…and more

  1. LOVE this post (SINCERE)!! you rock!! what would we do w/out Jen and the gang? (SCARED) well, we’d laugh less…that’s for sure (CONFIDENT). 😉

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