because it was so overdue

One of the hard things about moving to a new city is finding your new “people” and by “people” I mean dentist, hair stylist,…okay, well, that’s all I mean. I love my dentist and my salon in AZ and so, even though I’ve lived here for well over a year now, I still wait for trips “home” to get those things taken care of. Normally, I’m out there every 3-4 months, so this works out well.

This time, though, it had been since June and while my teeth are fine with a cleaning every six months, my hair is not so fine waiting for a little bleachy-bleach. And so, with about three inches of regrowth, it was time. It was a short trip, so guess what didn’t happen. Form over function. Or in this case, pretty hair over healthy teeth. That’s how I roll.

Sadly, I don’t have a really good before…but here’s a during and an after. I’m very happy.

One thought on “because it was so overdue

  1. Your hair looks awesome, and my dentist rules. Let me know if you want her (yes, her) info. I freaking love the hygienist too.

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