all decked out for christmas

With an impending holiday party, I finally got my crap together this week and decorated my apartment. And I must say, it’s pretty cute. And by “my apartment” I really mean “my entertainment center” because I can’t store anymore than what will fit there. So here are a some pics (mainly for my sis-in-law who wanted to see what it looks like decorated). 
(the clutter on my counter is due to a party that was just about to start)

My itty bitty Christmas tree purchased at Walmart last year. Please note the “tree skirt” – I got creative with a placemat. And the nativity…well, it might actually be an ornament I purchased in Berlin. And there’s even an angel on top (another ornament).
Isn’t it cute? I actually bought it because I broke it in the store (nothing a little superglue couldn’t fix). Now I’m really glad I did.

And a shot from the other angle.

Okay, so this wasn’t a decoration, but I figured I might as well make the baked brie I was serving look nice and festive, too. 

 Not pictured: the gold bow I added to my eucalyptus wreath (I only have room for one wreath–and that’s the one on the door) and a really cute silk arrangement created by my favorite florist, Sydne. It’s out, but it needs a little sprucing. Just have to find my glue gun… Yes, even in a itty bitty apartment it’s still possible to lose things.

3 thoughts on “all decked out for christmas

  1. I absolutely love it-very impressed with what you have done with our space!! Your apartment smells so good too-cant wait to see you

  2. so cute!! just a thought… i saw the cutest idea of securing ribbon to the cupboards on the back and pinning cards to the ribbon, that would be cute on your white cupboards… just sayin! we always think of you mom during the boutique (yesterday) mising you and your family!! xoxo

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