Just shy of five years ago, I headed to upstate NY to spend some time with my just exed ex-fiance (yes…sometimes I’m slightly masochistic). Needless to say that, while Palmyra was beautiful and it was fun to spend some time in upstate New York, the memory of that place was slightly tainted. So, when Montreal became cost prohibitive for our Memorial day weekend trip and Maria suggested we head to Palmyra instead, I was all for it. I was ready to make a new memory. 

The entire weekend was amazing. We stopped in Poughkeepsie where we were able to visit the Walkway over the Hudson, the Eveready Diner (featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives). We stayed in Albany the first night and let’s just say it was an experience. It’s the state capitol of New York and it’s kind of creepy. We decided it would be the perfect location for the next Will Smith post-apocalyptic summer blockbuster. Just to highlight the weirdness of the place, when we attended the little church Sunday morning, a very nice woman (probably my age) sitting behind us with her three darling children introduced herself and then proceeded to ask us why we were visiting. That probably doesn’t sound that weird, but it was the look on her face. A look that screamed, “Get out while you can! And take me with you.” 
And then, Sunday, we made it to Palmyra where we were able to walk through the Sacred Grove with almost no one else around. I’m sure it was a really great experience for both Jenna and Maria who had not been there before. For me, it was great in a different way. While I am well over the pains of my broken engagement, the fact that I’m still single when I would prefer not to me is a little painful. So I was dealing with a lot emotionally. Add to that that I had recently been out with a guy a couple of times who is nice and fun, but has no long term potential (sometimes I think that’s more painful than not dating at all) and it was just a lot to deal with…and yet it felt good to be dealing with it.
The next morning, as I thought more about my current single status and my desire for it to be otherwise, I had a very clear question come into my mind. What would you be doing if you weren’t worried about getting married? And so many thoughts came to my mind; getting out of debt, spending more time serving others, not stressing out about the fact that I am not now, nor ever have been, nor ever will be a size 6. You know…stuff like that. And while it is now two weeks later and not worrying about not being married is not easy, I am able to remind myself of that little question when I start to stress out (more to come on the dating front…).
And back to the weekend…while all of this emotional stuff was going on, the fun and games also continued. Seriously, road trips are the best! Especially road trips with friends who see nothing abnormal about starting dinner with Red Lobster cheddar biscuits, and then continuing on to P.F. Chang’s…only after seriously debating whether a stop at Chili’s for some chips and queso might be necessary. That’s right. Did it! Oh, how I love my friends! 

4 thoughts on “palmyra

  1. Gooood food for thought. Gracias!PS – Also liked your dog post. Well, not really 'liked' but could relate. That's my fear come true.PPS – we should totes grab dinner some time! I've been 'checked out' of things for the past few weeks, but I'm around the 'hood this summer! Let's eat 🙂

  2. Ha – my brother actually lives in Albany. He lives right near Washington Park (which is great, even if his neighborhood is rather shady!). He actually likes it a lot – I think it is more of a place you live instead of place you visit.

  3. Such an inspring thought. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself.This trip sounded so fun, not necessarily because of what was done and saw, but because of the company. Such fun girls.

  4. i love that photo. this is on my list of places to visit for sure.i love your thoughts, too. i'm currently in this weird transition to full time mom and i find myself caught up in all kinds of thoughts that aren't super productive. i was thinking about this the other day when i picked up a book on being a "mindful" therapist. usually, i'm not much for the mindfulness thing- but it hit me that it really just means being in the moment- enjoying where you are at, or at least being aware of where you are and what you're doing- living in the present rather than the past or future…and i started to appreciate that sentiment a lot more. it's hard. especially because i like to plan and i'm a recovering type-a. 🙂 this probably makes no sense, but thanks for letting me brain dump. :)i loved your tweets from the trip, too- and i'm incredibly jealous of the food opportunities. i cannot tell how grateful i will be to move back to the lower 48 for real food again.

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