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My life has been utterly boring this week…which was a nice break. The only real excitement has been the dog-sitting, which is still going on. And while really like the dog and it has been fun, I have realized that until I have a yard, there will be no dog. Or until I have enough money for two dogs and a dog walker. It’s fun to have a dog around and to have a reason to go for a walk. That said, I do not love having to come home right after work (I know I don’t have to…she’s five years old and well trained…but I feel guilty leaving her all day and not getting home as soon as I can) or having to get up 15 minutes earlier every morning to walk her.

So, it turns out that my coworker’s advice was right on point. Try the dog for a week and see. I could picture coming home from work and having to walk the dog, but actually doing it, not as fun as it sounded. Additionally, no matter how clean a dog is, when you have an apartment as small as mine, there’s no way it can not smell like dog. Wasn’t prepared for that.

Adventures in dog ownership end on Tuesday. I’m sure I’ll feel a little lonely…but it will be nice to have my life back.

4 thoughts on “best advice

  1. totally agree! every time i get the urge to be a doggie mom i always dog sit to remind myself about the reality. dog sitting in the dead of winter is the absolute worst.

  2. So funny I'm just reading this, because this morning as I was walking through the park and watching all the dogs play I wondered how the dog sitting was going.I wish so badly I wanted the commitment.

  3. i love the idea of having a dog, but the caring for a dog is a deterrent for me…and the feeling obligated to be at home with a dog throws it over the edge for me. so no dog here. i'll just enjoy my friends' dogs. thanks for the insight.

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