adventures in dog sitting

Okay, so I’ve wanted to get a dog for a while. I get mixed reactions from people. Some people say, “Go for it.” Others say, “Why would you want to tie yourself down?” The most helpful reaction I got was from my coworker who has a dog. She said, “I love my dog, but before you get one, you should try dog sitting and see how it goes. I’d even volunteer my dog.”

As luck would have it, my coworker is heading to London tomorrow and, while she would normally take her dog out to NJ for her mom to watch, she volunteered her dog to me. And so, I am now the dog-sitting for the next seven days…in an attempt to try it out. So far so good (it’s been about an hour). I have to admit, I’m kind of already loving the idea of having a dog. Of course, someone else’s dog is not the same as having your own (I am definitely not her person), but she is a cute little thing and I think we are going to have lots of fun.

1 thought on “adventures in dog sitting

  1. Oooooh I am SO JEALOUS! I want a dog SO badly, but just cannot bring myself to take on the commitment and extra expense. I think it would be super fun to dogsit though.What kind of dog is it?

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