life’s little mishaps

Last night, before The Bachelor Finale party (side note: watching The Bachelor with my girlfriends is so entertaining and really, the only reason to watch it) at my place, Kelly and I got pedicures. This was a last minute decision on my part, but it worked out. As we were chatting, I commented on how I didn’t realize how early she’d be getting in to Vegas today for our girls’ trip, since Sarah and I aren’t getting in until tonight. Her response was, “You mean Wednesday, right?” And in that moment, I knew we’d had a serious break down in communication.

She checked the hotel reservations, and sure enough, they are only for Wednesday and Thursday nights. Somehow between all of our emails, texts, and phone calls, the lines got crossed and what Sarah and I understood as a trip that would start Tuesday night, Kelly understood as Wednesday morning.

All I could do was laugh. I mean, what else could I do? I found this seriously comical. And then the texts that followed between me and Sarah had me rolling on the floor (not literally) because they were so funny–I would share, but they were inside jokes and the explanation would kill the humor.

I never worry about stuff like this, especially since Sarah is about as easy going as they come when travel is involved. So, I told her that I would just call Christy (who I’d been hoping to see anyway) and see if she would be a total lifesaver and let us crash at her place…oh, and pick us up at the airport. (Quick disclaimer, I would never ask such a thing if I didn’t know that I would do this very thing for someone in a similar situation.) I was laughing about the whole thing even while I left a message on Christy’s voicemail.

Thankfully, it is working out beautifully. Christy is going to pick us up and let us crash at her place. We are saving money on one less night in a hotel. I get to see Christy who I adore. All is well in the end.

The moral of the story (besides just being funny) is that, at least in my opinion, things really do always work out, especially if you believe that they always work out. Once again I will thank my mother for teaching me this lesson over and over and over again so that my instant reaction in these situations is to laugh rather than freak out. And really, how much better is this vacation story already? Can’t wait to see what the rest of it holds!

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