mormon speed dating

Do I really need to say anything else?

I spent three hours last night speed dating. I wish I had some good stories, but honestly, it was pretty fun and not especially eventful. Here’s what I will say…

  • 25 three minute dates in one night; I just met my quota for the year.
  • A little kindness goes a long way – it doesn’t matter if you are not interested in someone and you can tell that from the first moment you meet someone…there’s never an excuse to be a jerk.
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover – I was surprised by how often I was surprised by the personalities that came with the looks. Both for better and worse. I probably shouldn’t be surprised by this anymore, but I am. 
  • Three minutes can be very long…or very short.
  • There are still some really good guys out there. 

1 thought on “mormon speed dating

  1. I read the title and thought "oh, a linger longer" :)However, I'm sure you came up with a bunch of zingers for the jerks next time: "Oh, I'm so relieved you're not interested in me, because you totally look like this creepy guy that totally stalked one of my old roommates- her name? oh, probably safer if I don't tell you. It really creeped her out"

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