my park

Okay, so this post is way late in coming, but I just realized that there has been a recent dearth of photos on the blog, so we will rectify that situation now. One Sunday in October, when I still had church in the afternoon, I decided to go walking in Central Park in the morning. I grabbed my camera and was off. And here is what I got to see…in my park (all pictures are as shot…part of why it took me so long to post these…I wanted to edit them).

How fun is it that I get to say that Central Park is my park? How very surreal, too? Anyway, if you ever get a chance to visit NYC, don’t just spend your time in the touristy part of the park…make your way up to the north end, my end. There is so much to see. I love it!

I know everyone loves Poets Walk in CP, but the Conservatory Garden is my favorite spot. So romantic. So European. I think my next first New York kiss shall be here…now how to facilitate that?

1 thought on “my park

  1. oh man. I can't wait to visit your park and possibly make it mine too. if that's okay with you, since it was yours first :).

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