boot sandals

This is my new term for “fail”. And that is what happened in November. I had the best of intentions for posting gratitude posts but, just like last year…I failed. And the reason I failed was a couple of jam packed weeks. Between work, Broadway shows, a social life that has exploded, the arrival of my Wii, out-of-town visitors, and just the day-to-day that is living in New York city, posting every day was not going to happen. Hopefully next year I’ll remember this and find a different approach to my gratitude postings (like maybe one really long one or something?).

And now, to the term “boot sandals”. (Oh, and I will post something about all of my busyness soon.) Tonight some of my favorite ladies were over at my apartment. My darling and hilarious friend Jenna was working on a blog post that had some reference to wins and fails while there was a conversation going on about the ugliness of boot sandals, and so…the term boot sandals will now represent fails in my mind. A little ridiculous? Perhaps. But every time I think about boot sandals I laugh. And part of my laughter is due to the fact that I was probably this (imagine I’m pinching my fingers almost together) close to buying a pair because, yes, I sometimes feel the need to be just that trendy.

Anyway, all of this to say that I should have blogged more in November.

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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