baking inspired AoG 2010

White Chocolate Brownies – taken with my iPhone because this blog needed some pictures and dealing with downloading from my real camera was not something with which I could be bothered. Also, notice the Turbo Jam DVD in the background…comical really. 
  1. I am sooo grateful for a mother who was never in such a rush that she couldn’t be bothered to let us help her bake. I think about the extra hours and hours and hours she probably spent cumulatively over the years with us in the kitchen when she probably could have done things so much faster without us…although I suppose it paid off in the end when she could just tell us what to bake without having to participate at all.
  2. I am grateful for the joy that a homemade baked good can bring. Especially when it’s a treat they can’t get anywhere else. (And tonight, that Kelly gave me a reason to bake…you know, because she was coming over.)
  3. I am grateful for the many, many family favorite recipes. Both my mom and my sister have been collectors of delicious recipes (and I suppose I’ve contributed a few). The white chocolate brownies I made tonight were a discovery of my sister and they are seriously one of my favorites and always a hit…and no, I’m not sharing the recipe because these will be on the menu of the bakery that my sister and I are going to open someday. It’s the ten year plan.

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