the great weight loss of 2010

The past three years have not been the kindest to me in terms of my weight. I hit an all time high last April (graduation time) which means I have all of one graduation picture I can stand and most of my grad school pictures make me slightly depressed. That said, grad school was a lot to manage in terms of time commitments and eating commitments (late night study groups, “networking” lunches, etc, etc), so I can’t be too hard on myself.

But, I was determined to make some changes once I graduated. During the six weeks I was in AZ before moving to New York, I was on a very regimented, doctor supervised diet. I did another round of the diet over that past six weeks (this time I wasn’t quite as successful, but I still lost quite a bit…it’s harder to do while working and living in New York). I am finally feeling comfortable in my skin again. And I’m fitting into my cute clothes that I haven’t been able to get into for three years.

I’m definitely concerned about gaining the weight back. I think maintenance requires lots more strength of mind and will than losing the weight…when the numbers on the scale are going down, the motivation is high. When you’re working hard to just stay the same weight…not so motivating.

Anyway, here’s what losing about 30 lbs looks like. (Yes, I am shamelessly tooting my own horn.)

I still want to lose more…but I definitely wanted to celebrate my progress.

10 thoughts on “the great weight loss of 2010

  1. Congratulations…you look great! It is hard work losing weight. I have been trying myself and have hit a dip in motivation at 16 pounds. I just ate a cupcake before reading your blog so thank you for the motivation! I need to do better!Good luck with your maintenance. Let how good you feel in your clothes keep you inspired!

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