back to my blonde self

Freshly colored and cut…I love my stylists in AZ.

When I decided to come play in AZ over Labor Day weekend (I already had Friday and Monday off because my job is awesome!), I thought I might as well get my hair done because I know (and LOVE) my former employer, Dolce Salon & Spa in Chandler. Having seen Mariel in June for my transition back to blond locks and loving what she did, I managed to get in with her again. Unfortunately, due to some scheduling issues, she couldn’t do my cut, but Carrie did a fantastic job.

Now, at some point I will need to find someone to do my hair in NYC, but for now, this worked out nicely (and was quite a bit cheaper than the same service with someone equally good would have been in New York).

I must say I am loving the blonde me. Sure, the brunette me was fun to try, but this just feels so much better. And for the record, even though my last few posts offer no proof of this, I do actually do my hair…occasionally.

2 thoughts on “back to my blonde self

  1. Your hair looks fabulous, and that's a compliment I rarely if ever pay to blonds (99 times out of 100 it's way too streaky) well done.

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