This week I said goodbye to a dear friend. (This is not a post about dying…so please don’t worry.) I sold my Honda. Below, you will see the pretty pictures of my happy car. The sale of this car marked the beginning of my big move to the big city. I have been so excited to move to New York. So. Excited. But with the end of school, and now the end of my automobile ownership, I am really starting to feel that this move will not be all sunshine and roses. There will be homesickness and adjustments, missing my friends and my family. And I know there will be lots of moments when I will wish that owning a car in New York city made any kind of sense for me.

Thankfully, the process was not super difficult. I listed it on Craigslist. Received an email the next day. And voila, after a test drive and the buyer’s mechanic checking it out, we had a sale. On Tuesday morning, I met the buyer at the DMV and handed over my title. I felt like a real grown up. It was weird.

This was MY very first car. By that, I don’t mean that it’s the first car I ever drove (that was a VW Rabbit convertible…a super beater car–an ’84 in ’95–and I LOVED it ), but it was the first car that I bought all on my own and it was brand new at the time (something I will likely never do again). I paid it off a little over a year and a half ago. So the car was totally and completely mine. And now it’s totally and completely someone else’s.

And so begins the big move to NYC. I have a couple more weeks before I head out to secure an apartment…just wait until you hear what that entails. I’ll just say this…if you ever want to rent an apartment in New York, you should not have lived with your dad during graduate school. You should have stellar credit. And you must make 40x the rent. It’s going to be a painful experience finding somewhere to live is all I can say.

2 thoughts on “ch-ch-changes

  1. good luck with the move! jared and mari and his girls are there now! he found them a 1 bedroom for the 5 of them. they should be cozy for awhile… maybe they could make room for you :)can't wait for more updates!

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