location roller coaster

While on my girls’ trip right after graduation, I got a phone call from my program director just wanting to touch base about various positions available. (I’m going into a rotational program, so I will be in one position for a year, and then I’ll rotate to another one, and finally…hopefully…I’ll go international for six-months or so, and then land in a normal role.) Anyway, he asked me about my geographic preferences, and of course, being that I am all about the job right now, I told him I would go wherever. He then told me about a role in Vegas and one in Dallas.

Since I was already in Vegas, he asked me if I would be willing to go meet with the team there. Of course, I was. It was a great team, and a great role. I wasn’t sure it was the role I wanted, but…it was good. Then I got the information about the role in Dallas. For some reason, I was just really excited about the prospect of Dallas. I mean, it’s no New York, for sure, but I could get so many things paid off with my salary living in Dallas. So, I talked to the Dallas people. Perfect role for me. Great manager. Very excited about the whole thing. I was all for it.
So, I email my school friends and tell my family about this change in plans. Finally, I emailed my work people (the ones with whom I interned last summer) to let them know I wouldn’t be coming to New York. Not five minutes after that email, I get a response from my program director that we need to talk.
Long story short, I’m going to New York in my DREAM role. It’s with my favorite business group and with a great manager who is well know for his investment in training new associates. I could not be more excited.
Now, if I just didn’t have to find housing…life would be perfect!!! But perhaps, I found something today. Perhaps.

3 thoughts on “location roller coaster

  1. I'm excited you found your dream role, but it's too bad you're not coming to Dallas! I love love love it here and it would have been fun to see you!

  2. While I'm sad that you won't be coming to Vegas I am VERY happy that you will be going to your dream job in NY! So exciting for you! Good luck with the house hunt- be sure it has room for me to come visit 😉

  3. how wonderful to be so wanted! What a great feeling — congratulations and best of luck! By the way, I tried to email you but it bounced back. I'm very good friends with someone you know — Phil & Jasmine Shorten. When I was visiting with them last month, it hit me that you guys were in the same program (funny how reading someone's blog makes you feel as if you really know someone!) Anyway, small world, huh? Jasmine's blog is linked from mine and I sent her yours.

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