old friends and new

Sara, Kelly, and me (if you haven’t seen a good pic of the latest hair…this is it)

Last night a group of us went to dinner at Fatty Crab. It was Sarah, Kelly, me, and my two new friends from my apartment building this summer, Sara and Alisa. It was so fun to have this eclectic little group together…and the restaurant was amazing.

Sometimes I get kind of stressed out when I try and combine different friends from different parts of my life. I’m not sure why, but I do. I’m just so glad that I have amazing friends who don’t. In fact, I can trace a large percentage of my current friends back to my dear freshman roommate and one of my besties, Jennifer. She has a talent for just forcing people together. From Jennifer came Sarah, and from Sarah came Kelly and Candice, along with a few more.

Anyway, I love when new can join the old (and by “old” I don’t mean age, just length of time). It’s not something I’m very good at making happen, but I want to try and do it more…because how sad would my life be if Jen hadn’t introduced me to Sarah, and so on and so on…

Feb. 19th – I love new friends that can hang with the old.

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