empire state of mind

This morning I arrived at JFK and met up with Sarah (who had arrived at JFK…just in a different terminal) and we headed into the city to meet up with Kelly and spend a fabulous weekend in NYC! Admittedly, this was one of the most miserable flights I’d ever been on, so naps were necessary, but now that I’m back in the Empire State, suddenly the painful flight just doesn’t seem so bad. Immediately following naps, we headed to the Shake Shack (the UWS location) to enjoy delicious burgers and cheese fries…and large Diet Cokes.

If you have never been to New York, you are not alone. In fact, until my fabulous sister invited me to join her for a business trip (I paid the airfare, she took care of the rest which included seeing Wicked from the best seats I’ve ever had) early in 2008, I had never been. I had been through JFK a number of times, but never actually got out of the airport during those layovers.

I have been to a lot of cities in my life, both inside and outside of the U.S. I grew up only 30 miles east of San Francisco and have always been a fan. And just like I would say that there is no city out there quite like San Francisco, there is no city like New York. It is just amazing. There really aren’t words to describe it. And I cannot wait for the big move coming this summer!!!

Feb. 18 – I love New York!!!

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