in honor of presidents’ day

I grew up with a mother who loved when we were out of school. You know how lots of parents are just dying for school to start up again at the end of the summer? Well, that was not my mother. She was always so sad when we had to go back to school…and in hindsight, now watching my friends who are mothers, maybe my mom was just acting, but I don’t think so.

Our summers were filled with swimming (both for fun and for sport) and riding bikes and camping, etc. My mom was always getting us involved in activities and she was often right there with us, as our camp lifeguard or an assistant swim coach. Sometimes this created problems (I was great at being her kid, not so great at being her player on various teams), but most of the time it was just amazing.

So, today, I want to share with you my love of vacation days. Not specifically holidays…I mean, really, who gets super excited about Presidents’ Day festivities? (other than maybe sales?) But just time off. Especially time off when other people have the day off, too. In fact, when I started working as an esthetician I thought it was going to be so great to have this flexible schedule; a schedule that allowed me to work when I wanted to. Then I discovered that the best days to work–the days when I would make the biggest commissions–were those holidays when everyone had work off. I hated it. I mean, I loved my job and the money was great, but I hated having to work when everyone else was playing. It was honestly part of why I wanted to join corporate America–no joke.

Feb. 15 – I love vacation days!

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