really loving something

In doing this “month of love” I want to really focus on things I truly love. Not just fleeting things that I really love today, but things that truly make me happy. For instance, I was going to post about loving The Bachelor (I can’t help myself), but I don’t actually love The Bachelor. What I do love is any opportunity to observe people interacting. Now, I know reality t.v. is anything but real, but some of it seriously fascinates me. Like…The Bachelor. I mean, who are these women? Who really thinks that you can find “true love” on a t.v. show, with cameras everywhere, and “competing” with 24 other women? It’s ridiculous. But I still love watching these people interact and I love making parallels to real life.

For instance, this week Jake had to narrow the field from four to three. He has now “fallen” for all of these women for different reasons. Having had a real life conversation with a guy about how he really likes this girl because of A, and the next girl because of B, and so on and so forth, I know that this happens in real life. And why wouldn’t it? We all have different friends who we love for different reasons. The hard thing is that marriage requires people to be selective. You can’t have it all. You can’t cherry pick what you want. And that’s where the Rose Ceremony comes in on The Bachelor. Chris Harrison (or the show) forces the bachelors/bachelorettes to make decisions and rule people out. IT’S BRILLIANT!!! I’m thinking particularly about a commitment challenged demographic in P-town, Utah. If only we could force a Rose Ceremony.
So, what is it that I love, if not The Bachelor itself?
Feb. 10 – I love observing and analyzing people and situations. Like, I could spend all day just talking about how people interact and why they make the decisions they do (and sometimes I do just that). People are fascinating.

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