scene of the moment

Finishing up: a final project for Strategy Implementation (a block class).

Listening to: “One Last Time” by The Kooks.
Dreaming about: my graduation present to myself. I’m going to hold out and not buy it before graduation…I swear.
Reveling in: another successfully planned event. The Etiquette Luncheon was absolutely brilliant.
Thinking about: the fabulous concert I went to last night with Kristan.
Wondering if: I’ll be able to afford the fabulous apartment I’m hoping for in New York.
Enjoying: happy thoughts about my fabulous weekend.
Wishing that: all conversations on the phone could be as enjoyable as those I’ve had to day.
Dying for: a meal at the fabulous Bruges on Thursday with Sare.
Missing: too many people and places and things to list.

1 thought on “scene of the moment

  1. I'm kind of in love with this post. Not sure why, except that it makes me realize just how freaking awesome life is.

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