posts in progress

I have six in total. All have been started. None finished. And there are many more in my head.

Here’s the quick and dirty update on my life, for anyone who is interested. Right now I’m in AZ playing with my nieces and nephews…particularly the babies. It has been so fun (and exhausting). Because of my sister’s crazy work schedule and her husband’s finals, I have been playing the role of nanny almost full-time. Today was by far the hardest day with the littlest munchkin suffering from some kind of illness…I got puked on and pooped on, along with all of the other daily activities.

I’m currently taking my first photography class from one of my besties, Candice through Candice is an amazing photographer and I’m taking her portraiture class and LOVING it.

While in AZ I’ve been able to catch up with a number of people. I went into Dolce (the old stomping grounds) for a massage, and was able to see my old boss, who I just adore, as well as a number of the other girls I used to work with. I can’t believe it’s been three years since I left Dolce and AZ. So much has happened, and yet it feels as if I’ve only been gone a few months…maybe because I come down here at least four times a year. I also saw my bestie from beauty school (yes…if you weren’t aware, I went to beauty school just after I left college). And then I got to spend some quality time with one of my favorite people in the world, Jenny, and meet her new little munchkin who is darling.

What I haven’t been doing is reading all of the books I brought with me, getting ready every day (or even most days), sleeping in, calling people, going to bed early, exercising, or blogging. Being a “mommy” is time consuming…especially when they aren’t your kids so you are like the best version of a mommy you can possibly be. (Basically, I don’t ever want to appear like I’m neglecting my sister’s kiddies to blog, or exercise, or whatever).

What I have been doing in all of the hours I am in my sister’s house with two kiddos under two is thinking…a lot. Thus the many posts floating in my head.

The good news is that I am just super content right now. I head back to Vegas next week for a couple of days, then back to P-town just in time to run this great 5k that I love. A week there and then I’m off to NY for the summer. I’m glad I’ve had a purpose this last week and a half…or I might seriously be going crazy. As I’ve said before, I enjoy Downtime for weekend visits, but much more than that and I want to kill her.

That’s all for now.

1 thought on “posts in progress

  1. I’m finally working on the first book on my list, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. We’ve been out of classes for how many weeks and I’m only now picking up a book. Pathetic.

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