I kind of love it! Last night, a big group of us from school and my social planner’s world (yes, I have a social planner…it’s all about the network) combined forces and went bowling here in P-town. I don’t have the energy to try and write anything funny or clever about bowling. I just really love it. But I did take pictures (and allowed others to use my camera to take pictures). And these will help you all understand why I think graduate school is fantastic!

Emily’s about to make her move…ha ha ha!

Brian posing for a picture (I didn’t take all of these)

Rob (with lots of school peeps in the background)

Kristan and her darling sister, Shannan …could they be any more photogenic?

Annette (Emily’s roommate), Brian, and Brian (the stunt doubles…or so they call themselves)

Emily and me…post flipping our hair to pose

A bunch of peeps I know and love!

Ryan…a personal favorite

Oh, how I love having my picture taken.

I just love this picture of Emily…I think she might be starting a new fashion trend (or recreating one). Who doesn’t loved a good pegging job?

ETA: So, I didn’t actually post this until April 25. School is now over. I’m in Las Vegas having a great time with my niece and nephew…but it is starting to hit me that I won’t see most of these people until the end of August. Kind of sad.

2 thoughts on “bowling!

  1. Could you get any cuter? I love bowling as well- I need to find more people who love it and will take cute cute pics of me at bowling alleys.

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