My darling friend, Michelle and her husband, Aaron were just approved to be selected for adoption (basically, they are now officially on the waiting list).

You can read their profile here.

I don’t know why I get so emotional about adoption. I’m not adopted. Neither are any of my siblings, nor have any of them adopted, but for some reason I have always just had a special place in my heart for adoption.

I think part of it has something to do with how blessed I feel to have had the mom I got…and with her dying so young, I think I’m a lot more aware of how lucky I am and I want all kids to have that opportunity.

Another part of it is seeing how many children really suffer because their parent just wasn’t quite prepared to have a child, either because they can’t provide for their child (and I’m not talking extravagant, I’m talking basic needs) or because they just aren’t mature enough to handle the responsibility (which makes sense when someone is 15 or 16).

I also have a very dear friend who placed her baby for adoption a number of years ago. She has since married and has two darling little girls, but at the time she was only 15 and just wasn’t ready to be a mom and she recognized that. She is still in touch with the adoptive parents (they came to her wedding) and she knows she made the right decision, not just for her, but for her darling daughter.

I also have a cousin who was adopted. I remember just feeling so excited when I found out that my aunt and uncle had been selected to adopt their darling daughter (who I absolutely adore)!

In any case, I cry every time I watch anything to do with adoption. I cry for how completely unselfish the birth parents are to place their child with another family, entrusting them to care for and raise a child that they could have kept for themselves. I cry for the new parents who are so excited to have this little baby they have prayed for and thought about about for years.

I don’t know. I just love that adoption happens! I love that there is a solution for everyone (and I’m not presumptuous enough to think that I know what that solution is…every case is different).

On that note, if you know anyone who is considering placing a child, please have them take a look at Michelle and Aaron’s profile. They will be great parents!!!

3 thoughts on “adoption

  1. Is it weird that I just teared up when I read this? (Maybe it’s because Parker has been keeping me rather sleep deprived lately). Anyway, I totally agree with you. And thanks for putting the paragraph in about me. It means A LOT. love you!

  2. Thanks Chloe! You are the best!I agree that adoption is emotional. I have watched videos of birthmothers placing their child and I just bawl. That would be so hard, and yet it is so wonderful….

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