canyonlands half…not the best experience of my life

I will never again be so undertrained for a race. The Canyonlands Half Marathon was really, really hard for me. A number of factors contributed to this (undertraining, higher temperatures, 15 lbs more on my frame than last year, I thought running eight miles two days before was a good idea). I only finished 7 minutes slower than last year…but it was HARD. (The fun part was spending the weekend with Christy. Despite the disappointing race, I did have a fabulous time…although I think we both agree that we missed Jen and Anne!)

So, I have another half in four weeks. I’m on a good training track, considering I just ran 13.1.

Really, I should be happy that I finished. I should be grateful that I have this amazing body that will let me push it 13.1 miles. But honestly, I’m just frustrated…with myself. A year and a half ago I ran a marathon – A FULL MARATHON – at a faster pace than I ran this half on Saturday. Why didn’t I keep that momentum going? Why did I let myself gain weight? Etc, etc, etc.

In order to get myself over this funk, I’ve decided to set some real goals in terms of speed. Now, I won’t be winning any races. Side note: a classmate’s spouse took 4th in women’s overall…yes, OVERALL. She averaged just over 6-minute miles for 13.1 miles! Anyway, as I was saying, I won’t be winning any races, but I will reach my goal. It is going to require some serious dedication and a lot of training (and weight loss), but I’m determined to do it. If I can run/jog/walk 13.1 miles right now, in this shape, at this weight, there’s just no reason to not be able to get to where I want.

In an effort to make time for life, I’ve decided to limit my commitments for next year. I don’t want to ever feel again the way I felt on Saturday when I finished that race (emotionally or physically…I thought I was going to die), so I need to make sure I have time for training so that I don’t let this, something that is really important to me, fall to the bottom of my priority list.

So, here’s to new goals and plans to reach them! Hopefully the five mile run tonight will go well. (Along with the midterm I have to take that I have yet to study for…so busy!) Right now, I’m just working toward a 10-minute pace for five miles. One step at a time, right?

6 thoughts on “canyonlands half…not the best experience of my life

  1. regardless of how it felt, it is great that you finished!i fine myself feeling stronger and fitter when i focus on running faster and not neccessarily farther. i think that speed is a good thing to focus on.

  2. I’m so proud of you! I miss running with you (not that we did it a lot, but…) You inspire me to get back on track after I have this baby. Keep going!

  3. ditto anne- priorities, chloe- what about the shirt?! :)sorry the race experience kinda sucked. but it’s a learning thing, right? i think running, especially, and doing these types of things are such a metaphor for life- and chock full of lessons for all. way to go finishing around the same time, btw! awesome! it does sound like you’re on track for the next one- just take it sorta easy to avoid injuries!!!i thought about you guys all saturday! sad i missed it. especially missed the ipod singalong. 🙂

  4. Oh Chloe…this is exactly why I finally decided that the SLC 1/2 wasn’t happening for me. I admire that you still ran this race, and finished it!I keep thinking, “this time last year…” and it isn’t motivating me, more making me feel like a smuck for losing my momentum. Reading this was fresh perspective for sure!Good luck on your next 1/2!!!

  5. Glad you had a good time with Christy! So sad I wasn’t there.I’m curious, was the shirt as fugly this year as it was last year? Did you get another hat? Please dish about the swag…

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